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ShopperSmart corporate logo

ShopperSmart Companies, Limited is a Redonda, Sierra based company which owns and operates supermarkets and warehouse clubs in western and northern Federal States. ShopperSmart is best known for its ownership of the Shoppersmart and Maxima stores. Until 1998 the company was fully owned by the Fawcett family of Redonda, but shares have since been sold in the stock market; despite the family only controlling about 30% of the shares they hold nearly half the voting power.


ShopperSmart Companies was established in 1956 when Jack Fawcett purchased rival company Country Shopper. Country Shopper and Shoppersmart stores were kept separate until the late 1970s, when most Country Shoppers were rebranded.


Shoppersmart logo.png
A Shoppersmart store in the late 1970s)

Shoppersmart originates in two companies, the Country Shopper (founded in 1916) and the original Shoppersmart, founded by Jack Fawcett in 1948. Shoppersmart's name was a word play meant to invoke both Shoppersmart and Shoppersmart. In the 1970s most Country Shoppers were rebranded to Shoppersmart, with only a handful remaining (the last one was at Fronteras Plaza in Chapman, only renamed in 2000). In 2003 several of the smaller Shoppersmart locations were rebranded as Nicholsons, meant to be a more upscale supermarket brand.

Shoppersmart locations were given a new design overhaul and logos in the early 1990s, replacing the "Western-inspired" logo font used from the late 1950s. Shoppersmart was given a new logo in 2014, matching the corporate rebranding being done.



Maxima logo.png
Maxima location in Chapman, Sierra

Maxima is a warehouse club (cash and carry) store chain primarily based in northern and western Federal States. Maxima was founded in 1990 in Lola, Sierra. Maxima was the first such store to open in the western FSA, and made significant inroads in the region. Maxima locations were slow to expand, but by the early 2000s were commonplace in the region.

Shoppers to Maxima stores are required to pay an annual membership, but are able to buy items in bulk and at a reduced cost. Maxima stores are the only locations in the state where buyers can purchase alcohol in bulk (such as cases of 60 beer cans, 24 wine bottles, 12 bottles of liquor).



Nichols logo.png

Nichols is a chain of higher-end, smaller markets known for carrying organic and gourmet foods. The original Nichols was founded in 1977 in Elvira (San Juan) and carried Ulethan foods which were not commonplace in the FSA. Nichols was taken over by ShopperSmart Companies in 2004 and expanded with more locations. Nichols also has a house label of fresh-made foods and snacks, exclusive to its stores (and select Shoppersmart locations).