Sound of Pa

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The Sound of Pa in Southeastern Uletha.

The Sound of Pa is a sound located along the southeastern coast of Uletha, north of the Axian Peninsula. It runs east-west along the coasts of Ataraxia, Wiwaxia and the Confederation of Pasundan-Padjadjaran to the south, with Kojo, Xerneas, Izaland, Belphenia and Orinoco to the north.The name derives from a misunderstanding by Ingerish colonizers of the Djadjaric "pa" which means land; they thought it referred to the region. The name has stuck, however and is now globally used to describe the body of water. However, the Djadjari and Sundani refer to it as the Sound of Sunda.

Names in other languages

  • In Kojolese, the Sound of Pa is simply referred to as "Taman'yumi", literally meaning "large water".
  • In Izaki, it is called Pākutō, meaning "Sea of Pa". Another way to call the surrounding sea is Izakikutō, simply meaning "Sea of Izaland", although this last version is not internationally recognized.