South Antarephian Union

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South Antarephian Union
"Brothers of the motherland"
1 Pontus, 2 Kofuku, 3 Iblania, 4 Veronia, 5 The Yersinian Archipelago, 6 Ariskania, 7 Glauvaard.
Capitalno capital
Largest cityBako-Huz (right now)
Official languagesPontic, Kaorsedd, Ingerish, Castellanese, Catanese, Darrsian, Arisan, Glauvegian, Trongarda
GovernmentIntergovernmental organization
 • Secretary-general of the SAUJordi Armstrong Huz
 • Secretary of ProgressAnne O'Connor
 • Coordinator of the AssemblyErik Kingstone Pangur
 • Estimate11.828.100 (only Kofuku population added)
TimezoneWUT + 3 h to + 5 h
5 national currencies
•Bitdoll (Kofuku)
• Hutten (Glauvaard)
• BOX (Iblania)
• Okuna (Pontus)
•Veronian Dollar (Veronia)
Internet TLD.sau

The South Antarapehian Union (SAU) is a political and economic union of 16 states in the south of the Antarephia continent. It has an area of *** km2 and a population of *** million (**% Pontus, **% Ariskania, **% Kofuku, **% Glauvaard, **% Iblania, **% The Republic Of Veronia, **% Union of the Yersinian Archipelago/Yersinia, **% Thirran, **& Lydian Democratic Confederation, **% Nalkor-Kochi, **% Providentia, **% Eltenesse, **% Republic of Novigrad, **% Kingston Exclave Complex, **% Tarrases, **% SAU Special Joint Administrative Zone. Passport controls have been abolished for travel within the SAU members.

Member States

Country Arms Capital Accession
Area (km²)
GDP GDP per cap. (PPP) Currency
FlagKofuku.png Kofuku Martinho coat of arms.png Bako-Huz 1992 (2nd founder) 11.828.100 30 750,64 km2 489.991 millions 41.426 Bitdoll ( ฿ ) 0.894 Ingerish, Castellanese, Catanese, & Darrsian
Pontus-flag.png Pontus Arlington 1992 (founder) 5313.11 km2 Okuna (Ø) Ingerish, Pontic, Kaorsedd, Franquese
Svækeyja-flag.png Svækeyja Stórhöfn 2002 2,022,357 84,067.74 km2 162,611 millions 80,406 þúsund - ð 0.946 Svækeyjan
Ariskania Kalnava 2000 9,015,763 202,188 km2 Arisan
Glauvaard Flag.png Glauvaard Dauroe 2000 6,589,000 75,843.2 km2 Hutten ((GVH)) Glauvegian, Trongarda
Iblania Potantius 1994 BOX 0.904 Ingerish
The Republic Of Veronia Veronia City 1994 Veronian Dollar (VD) Ingerish
Union of the Yersinian Archipelago/Yersinia 1997
ThirranicFlag.png Thirran Barran 2002 12,839 km2 37,450 millions 41,252 Thirranic Eleth (TRE) 0.794 Ingerish
Eltenesse Hirai City 2006 Złoty Ingerish & Elteni
Flag nalkor kochi.png Nalkor-Kochi Nalkor kochi coa.png Solchuk 2006 8,600,000 30,840 km2 Nip (NKN) 0.898 Franquese, Estrean
Lydia Providence 2006 7,274,951 Lydian dinar (LYD) 0.828 Ingerish, Arcadian
Kec.png Kingston Exclave Complex Kingston 2008 Okuna (Ø) Ingerish, Pontic
Template:Tarrases style="text-align:center" 2008
Template:SAU Special Joint Administrative Zone City of Spearhead 2011 (As a special administrative zone of the SAU)
Template:Republic of Novigrad Novigrad 2013



SAU Parlament

SAU Parlament inside
The sau parlament haves 200 seats that are changed every 3 years in the SAU elections. Every coutry haves a number of seats to fill in the parlament according to the percentage of population they have in the SAU, for example: If Kofuku has 40% of the total SAU population they choose the parties for 80 seats between this options:
  SAU Social Democratic Party: (Social Democratic)
  Liberal SAU Party: (Liberals)
  SAU Green Party: (Ecology)
  SAU Communist Party: (Communism)
  SAU Center Side: (Center)
  Strong SAU: (Far Right)
  SAU Narf Party: (Far Left)
  Conservatives SAU: (Conservative)

2020 Parlamemnt

Year Distribution Parties Notes
2020 SAU parlament 2020.svg Current Parlament

Other elections

Year Distribution Parties Notes
2017 File:SAU parlament 2017.svg
2014 File:SAU parlament 2014.svg
2011 File:SAU parlament 2011.svg
2008 File:SAU parlament 2008.svg
2004 File:SAU parlament 2004.svg
2000 File:SAU parlament 2000.svg Ariskania & Glauvaard joins
1997 File:SAU parlament 1997.svg Union of the Yersinian Archipelago joins
1994 File:SAU parlament 1994.svg Iblania & The Republic Of Veronia join
1992 SAU parlament 1992.svg
  SAU Social Democratic Party: 72 seats
  Liberal SAU Party: 46 seats
  Conservatives SAU: 40 seats
  SAU Narf Party: 34 seats
  Strong SAU: 4 seats
  SAU Communist Party: 2 seats
  SAU Center Side: 2 seats
First Elections

SAU Universal Healthcare System (SAUUHS)

SAUUHS Headquarters in Bako-Huz
South Antarapehian Union Universal Healthcare System with headquarters in Bako-Huz provides free and universal healthcare in any hospital of the SAU including non-citizens.

SAU Council

SAU Court of Justice

SAU Central Bank


SAU External Relations Service

SAU Universal Education System

SAU Human Rights Insurer