Southwest Kaspen Intercontinental Airport

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Z13, 37.6077 °N, 103.6363 °E
Southwest Kaspen Intercontinental Airport

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Basic information
Country Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra
City Erilyn City, Mankoala
Began operation 1960
Time zone WUT+7
Aircraft operations  ?
Direction Length
1/35 4.087 km
6/30 3.480 km
16/20 3.497 km
Number Length
Highways Highway   A3   &   5  
Regional train lines KaspenRails Erilyn Airport Branch / Mankoala Trains
Metro lines TE SkyTrain
Tram lines TE Tram B
Telephone +310 88 356 4636
(088 ELN INFO)

Southwest Kaspen Intercontinental Airport (Former Erilyn International Airport) is the airport for Erilyn City, Esthyra and also Baranmiado, Garzibania, which is also the biggest airport in the Southwest Kaspen region. It is open for domestic and international long-distance flights.


The airport began operation as East Erilyn Aerodrome in 1942. It was rebuilt into Erilyn International Airport in 1980 as part of the Capital Renovation Plan and it further expanded into Garzibania in 2002 with an agreement between Esthyra and Garzibania.


Italics represents seasonal services.

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Airline Destination
Air Wiwaxia Wiwax-Pargiter
EmiliAir Bend Este-Gran, Colgre, Iola, Margarath-New Erneerik, Pyingshum, Säntjana, Suursaari, Viljanni, Wiwax-Pargiter
Duncanheim Royal Airlines Kattenden
Galician Airlines Colgre
Gobrassian Airlines Gobras City
Litvanka Loravia
Midistlandese Airlines Bend Este-Gran, Tengah