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  • ...ephian]] colonies and the continuation of trade of Ingerish goods to these countries, the Veronan Colonies received heavy penalties from Ingerland. This led t {{Navbox Political divisions of Paroy|collapsed}}{{Navbox Countries of the World by Continent|collapsed}}
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  • ...untry on the Western Ocean in northern Tarephia. The country lies in a dry subtropical desert region. The country declared independence from Drevet on May 5,
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  • Because Unesia is one the world’s newest countries, a formal census of it’s population has not yet been performed. The ap ...losing it’s foothold in the region. Despite that, some newly democratic countries like Ghranāta, San Basilio, and Zamāniya were wary of being self-suffic
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  • Because Unesia is one the world’s newest countries, a formal census of it’s population has not yet been performed. The ap ...losing it’s foothold in the region. Despite that, some newly democratic countries like Ghranāta, San Basilio, and Zamāniya were wary of being self-suffic
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  • ...n when they attended the opening ceremonies for Expo '79 and today the two countries support a large number of mutual exchange programs. Khaiwoon became sibl ...archipelago initially consisted mostly of forested hills covered in dense subtropical vegetation, separated by marshes, mudflats and shallow channels. Human
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  • ...e western coast, with the inner area almost unspoiled and still covered by subtropical forests, especially farther south. the alpine to the tropical one. Most of the population lives in a humid subtropical climate area, with a distinctive distribution on the western coast. The
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  • Kojo and [[Belphenia]]'s semi-arid and subtropical regions. All of the countries feature some urbanisation, but the population and density of each member, like Belphenia's theocratic guilds. With a few exceptions, most of the countries rank as high or very high on the human development index.
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  • |"developed, temperate subtropical country with a language isolate. English is also spoken though no colon ...interested in mapping this. The country would be slightly poorer than the countries i'm basing this one on, but will have smaller communities and poorer regi
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  • </ref>, indicating the subtropical climate of the country. This coincides with the fact that the solar cir ..., in conflict with the indigenous people, but in friendship with the close countries, in consequence of the commercial relations.
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  • ...t of inside the country and '''mountain climate''' in the northwest, to '''subtropical''' along the ocean coast.
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  • | A relatively poor landlocked nation based on similar countries like Lesotho, with a language and cultures based on Malagasy. ...ha. Inspired by Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and in smaller part by other countries, it is a first world country popular with tourists. The economy is not at
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  • - A subtropical climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters in the center, the south ...s a protectionnist policy to fight against commercial competition of other countries.
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  • ...Situated in the [[Ansy Bay]] in Southern Verona, Trevers is known for its subtropical climate, its international seaport [[Port of Trevers]] and old port alo ...rainstorm over East Trevers]]Trevers' climate can be described as a humid subtropical climate (''Cfa''), characterized by its hot, wet summers and warm, rela
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  • ...blic of Draco's total area is 16,466.56 km2, making it one of the smallest countries in Tarephia by total area, and includes approximately 8,000 km2 of island Petan City and Madera. Most of the landmass is either covered by dense subtropical rainforests or prairies, with the exception of the southern region, whi
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  • ...y to understand what kind of plants and animals each of their neighbouring countries were planned to have by their owners. The information you enter in this c ...ical. Savanna in north, mediterranean in south, desert scrublands in west, subtropical mixed forest in east
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  • ...creditation allows ambassadors to represent your country to multiple other countries from one embassy. ...d that in order to maintain independence and avoid the fate of other small countries, it needed to protect its coasts
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  • ...n the western ranges, to monsoon tropical in the southern counties and the subtropical climate in most of suburban north. {{Navbox Countries of the World by Continent}}
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  • ...°F). Going north around Wavkara and Damasra, the climate changes of humid subtropical with mild winters and warm summers. Towards Barsas, the climates become {{Navbox Countries of the World by Continent}}
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  • ...Archanta. Located in a tropical climate, Wallea is one of the megadiverse countries on the planet, with extensive numbers of endemic species. The country has ...000 meters above sea level. The climate that covers these areas are mainly subtropical humid with conifer forests on the sloped and permanent snow on the peak
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  • ...y]], [[Demirhanli Devleti]], and [[Al-Kaza]]. Plans for embassies in other countries are in the future. ...nd goats. Citrus orchards are located mainly in Geographic Region 1 in the subtropical climate locations. Many vineyards are located in the Celeste Valley wit
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