Strait Trinity

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9, -46.6277, 58.2440
Strait Trinity
Sindyé Tasóndy

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Strait Trinity
LocationSouthern Antarephia
Ocean/Sea sourcesAsperic Ocean
Basin countriesFlag nalkor kochi.png Nalkor-Kochi, Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé
Max. length130km
Max. width60km
IslandsIsá Hoch, Mireille
Major citiesBerestraultz, Kabóny

The Trinity Strait (Olonyé: Sindyé Tasóndy, "Whale Channel") is a strait that separates the island of Ullanyé in the north-east from the Community of Nalkor-Kochi on the Antarephian mainland. It connects the southern Asperic Ocean to the West Byria Sea, which in turn leads to the Yersinian Gulf and the southern Hesperic Ocean.

It is about 130km long, 60km wide and relatively shallow, with an average depth of 110 metres at the narrowest point between the headland at Efed Beraig and Berestraultz.