Sumi Kuroda

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Sumi Nahoko Kuroda (born September 23, 1971 - died July 24, 2013) was a pirate from Shadowsnow City, Shadowsnow Prefecture. According to the Sakura State Government, she was the most dangerous pirate ever in Belphenian history.

Early life

Sumi Nahoko Kuroda was born on September 23, 1971 to her parents, Shimi Kuroda and Peter Kuroda in Edeiwyn, and was raised in the town of Bokoshe.


On July 24, 2013, Kuroda engaged in the final stage of the events of the Battle of Shirahoshi in Zerish, Erzanna Prefecture, aiding the Edeiwyn Clan to protect their religious beliefs of Sasuke Volkman's cult of personality and suppress all Sword of the Neredgers' forces. Around 3:32am local time, Kuroda was awaken from her sleep when she saw Sakura Kurmochi took down the shogunate. She began to call other pirates through a bullhorn along Brade Road, only to see Kurmoichi with a katana in her hand started attacking her from behind, killing Kuroda in the process.