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I can see you’ve been coordinating with Rustem Pasha @ Demerhanlı Devleti re: Omniville’s history. You were probably under the impression that he was acting in coordination with the other neighboring territories when he was devising his historical narrative, but, in fact, he was not. I did discuss religion and language with Rustem Pasha, but the details of history re: empires and Sultanates was not discussed in detail. Writing about other people's territories without their consent is a violation of OGF’s wiki rules.

I’ve been mapping in Unesia for over a year now. I held of writing the wiki because the admin team advised that newer users should spend more time mapping and hold off posting their wikis until they’ve mapped a significant amount of their territory first. Being that Unesia is larger than Great Britain, that’s taken some time. I started working on my wiki page offline over a year ago and mapped my territory according to that.

The history that you and Rustem Pasha have collaborated on directly impacts the history of all the neghboring teritories, including Randalia and Ainciria. The most glaring problem, which is not at all your fault, is that Unesia is designed to be a new nation formed in 2016 from 7 previously –existing states, each with its own culture. If you observe Unesia on the map, you will see that Cameron state is vastly different from Ghranata, San Basilio, etc. I’ve already prepared a historical narrative on how these areas came to be as they are, but Rustem Pasha’s history contradicts that on a fundamental level. Any references to a "Unesian Occupation" would be anachronistic.

I’m sorry about this misunderstanding, as I know you’ve put a lot of work into this, even including your territory in the list of Ingerrish colonies, but I cannot allow any references to Unesia in anyone’s wiki pages, lists, etc. at this point. I hope you can understand. I’m not blaming you at all for this. UN1TY (talk) 10:32, 20 July 2017 (CEST)