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Hi Ernestpcosby, thank you for your message. I was just using your template as a guide but in the middle of it I got bombarded with work and had to step away. Per your message you don’t mean to come across as offensive, badly or harsh, but that’s exactly how you came across. If you want to be polite about it there is many other ways you could have gotten your point across instead of being so confrontational, but I guess that wasn’t your actual intention. But no worries, I already removed all the content which I don’t have any intention of plagiarizing.

I'm sorry, didn't mean for it to seem like that. It was honestly more of the shock of opening a wiki page and basically seeing a duplicate of what I had written. I'm sorry if it sounded offensive. I don't know how else you would have wanted me to leave the message though, I left it on your talk page addressing the specific concerns, but I'm sorry that it came across as confrontational. Thank you, and what you have done looks great. Good luck with your work and your mapping. --Ernestpcosby (talk) 05:09, 4 March 2016 (CET)