Tarephia Cooperation Council

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Tarephia Cooperation Council
Alternate Name(s):
''At the crossroads we flourish''
Continental Union with Headquarters in
Latflag.png Latina
Address 260 Corniche
Cordoba 3

General Information
Number of Members 21

The Tarephia Cooperation Council (TCC) is a political and economic union of 20 member states on the continent of Tarephia. The TCC aims to facilitate free trade and freedom of movement of people, goods, and ideas between its member states.

To achieve its purpose, the TCC has several missions:

  1. Represent Tarephia before the Assembly of Nations (AN) as an observer party,
  2. grant citizens of its member state the privilege of visa-free travel,
  3. use a common currency (the Tare) among member states (member states may choose if and how to peg their own currencies to the Tare), and
  4. fund academic research and other initiatives in a variety of fields (e.g., science (Beaumontan), space (Vodeo)).

The TCC meets annually (as the Council of States) at the headquarters in Cordoba, Latina to measure progress towards existing initiatives and to plan new initiatives.


Member States

Map of all member states:

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Legal System

The Tarephia Cooperation Council is headquartered at Cordoba, Latina.

The Supreme Court of the Tarephia Cooperation Council is in Artisanople, Kotel.

Foreign Relations

The Tarephia Cooperation Council maintains observer status at the Assembly of Nations.


Currency - Tare

Iso Code TAR
Status Active

Main article: Tare

The Tarephia Cooperation Council introduced a currency called Tare which is used in some of the member states. It eases the process of money exchange and financial exchanges. The Tarephian Central Bank, which manages the Tare, is located in Hexagonia City, Tigeria.


The Tare has its roots in Tigeria and Kotel. The two countries were using ※ as the symbol for the Tare before it was introduced in the TCC. The symbol is derived from the character for rice 米, from the days when many Tigerines and Koteliers paid their daily wages in rice. The symbol was simplified when the currency got introduced and was taken over by the TCC.

List of countries with the Tare as an official currency:


Beaumontan hosts many TCC-funded facilities for scientific research in many fields. Examples of such include the TCLIGO (Tarephia Continental Laser Inferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory & Research Facility) located near Aichen, Beaumontan.

Beaumontan (More specifically the city of Aichen) is a scientific hub in the TCC. Scientists from all around the TCC, because of the freedom of movement and the many facilities there, funded by the TCC and the Government of Beaumontan, began to move to Beaumontan. This concentration of scientists allow for the community to communicate much more efficiently, and thus, get more work done.

Not only do scientists within Beaumontan communicate with each other, but also with other countries in the TCC. The Scientific Council of Tarephia* located in Aichen, Beaumontan.

  • not exactly guaranteed to exist

Space Research: Vodeo, likely. (islatramma?) Beaumontan will have a few observatory stations high in the mountains.

Research into Physics & Forces: Beaumontan contains the TCLIGO, a facility meant for research into gravitational waves. It is likely also going to host a particle collider.

Research into Chemics & Biology: Valka, Valaga possibly. (Scientific University of Valka); Ncagócu, Ncadia, (Ncagócu Institute of Agricultural Research Foreign Advisory Branch)

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Members of the Tarephia Cooperation Council

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  1. It is not the primary currency, but it is accepted in banks, hotels, or anything that costs more. Any bank will change Pesos and Tares, and if people want to save money, they do it in Tares, because of Inflation.
  2. Freedemia uses the Freedemian freedin as the primary official currency, but now recognizes the Tare as a secondary currency and is moving towards recognizing the two currencies equally. Efforts are being made to allow for more seamless conversion between the Freedin and the Tare.