Ten Groves

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14, 11.9072, 2.741
Ten Groves
Elevation1620 m
 • Estimate (2017)193 000

Ten Groves is the tenth-largest city of Castine by metropolitan area population. It is perched in a sheltered valley in the far south of the country. For this reason, land connections to neighboring Lapistan und Azurea are far more numerous than to the rest of Castine and most domestic travel takes place by air. 193,000 people live in its metropolitan area.


Ten Groves' high altitude and sheltered location give it a year-round mild climate free of both the long dry season and torrentially wet rainy season that prevail in most other regions for the country. For that reason, it is ideally-suited for the cultivation of a wide range of tropical fruits. It is the groves of these fruits that give the city its name. The land is so rich that visitors will see the groves of tropical fruit, which cover most of the Fruitful Valley parish of which Ten Groves is the capital, marching right up to the boundaries of the city.