Tunmaldu-Oejaén Ozuman

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Tunmaldu-Oejaén Ozuman (Kojolese pronunciation: ​tunmaldu øꜜʑɛn ozuman, 27 March 1790 – 11 January 1878) was the lead city planner and architect after the overthrow of the Kojolese monarchy in 1834. He coined the Ozuman-stlye, which was applied to the newly build government quarter of Daiamondoshi-Pang in the Kojolese capital Pyingshum.

In Pyingshum, the ~4,6 km long Tunmaldu-Oejaén Ozuman-daitō is named after him as well as Ozuman Chezi, one of the 4 metro hubs in Daiamondoshi-Pang.

Examples of work

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Note: you may add to this and use the ozuman style in your countries as well.