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This article is about the about the town of Urne. For the island of Urne see Urne (island).

OGFmapicon.png 45.9649 S, 69.5493 E
Medium-sized town in Flag of Shadze-Ma Shadze-Ma
An Poit Tashgee


'Fooing, Fear'

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Status Island town
Island Urne
Administrative area Template:Sanaray, Urne, Yshon etc.
Elevation 0-35 m
Demonym Urnion
Population c9,000 (2011)
Favourite Torg Barnakil
Ferries 1 (1 local)

Urne, an medium-sized town in Shadze-Ma, is located on Urne Island in the east of the Sanaray, Urne, Yshon etc. district. As a discrete population centre, at the last census (2011) it had an official population of 7,2467.25[1].


Urne has competed with Yshon as capital of Shadze-Ma. Today it is a centre for tourism, craft industries and and business. The town officially became part of Shadze-Ma in 1768, when it was incorporated into the newly independent republic. The majority of inhabitants are of mixed Ionadàlban and Ingerish descent.


The town has long been associated with the Pointing Man, a monumental bronze statue which stands some 200m south of the town on its own island, Eelan Sorkcan (Pedestal Island) formerly known as Eelan Gaivikc (Sand Island).

Around 25,000 tourists visit Urne every year. Small models of the Pointing Man are the town's largest export.

Road and ferry connections

The town is connected to the adjacent island of Helon by road and bridge and to Yshon by direct ferry. It is close to Shadze-Ma (Orange) International Airport.


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