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This is the first draft of the article for a proposed treaty organization.

Bay Of Forrintia Alliance
Alternate Name(s):
Treaty organization headquartered in TBD
General Information
Year Founded TBD
Number of Members TBD

The Bay of Forrintia Alliance or BOFA is an intergovernmental organization formed to maintain a series of trade agreements and military alliances between several nations on or near the Bay of Forrintia in South Archanta. It is headquartered in TBD, and maintains offices in each member state.

Member Nations

Brielandflag.png Brieland
Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim
HanyalaFlag.png Hanyala
possibly also Andasonia, Spero, and Kovania



BOFA is largely dedicated to organizing free trade between its member nations, ensuring that standards of quality for goods produced in each member state match the standards of others. BOFA has no regulatory capacity of its own in this regard, however. Creating and enforcing quality standards for goods and services to be traded throughout the member states is delegated to each member state, with BOFA serving in an advisory position to prevent violation of established trade agreements and to assist member governments in coordinating new agreements as needed.


BOFA also coordinates the military alliances of member states. It has no military of its own, but is constituted of the combined forces of the militaries of the member states, which retain independence, except in matters concerning the region as a whole.


Citizens of member states of BOFA may visit other member states without a visa, and cannot be denied a visa to live, work, and/or study in other member states.