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Introduction and why I'm doing this

It's actually fairly simple: the monthly posts don't count towards the table on the Experimental Dashboard, and I don't really have the motivation to figure out why and/or fix it, so I'm just going to occasionally flood the wiki with extra content no one asked for from now on. Edit: I just found out that neither does this actually count, but whatever.

Also, this Bliki is going to be a lot more talking than walking. And also pop culture references, terrible attempts at humor and, maybe, here and there some genuinely helpful, on-topic stuff as well. We'll see.

You know what's also quite amazing (in my opinion)? 'Blik' means 'flicker' in Czech and I find it incredibly funny. Like, I'm blikiing right now, blikám. I'm flickering. Another amazing thing is that 'blikám' is just a letter away from 'blinkám,' which means 'I'm throwing up a little.' Charming.

The actual post: New Bliki, New City, New Town

So, my country, Drabantia, is getting a new capital city, but that's still a project in progress, I'll make an official announcement at the end of the month. For now, what I'm doing is sketching out the new city and deleting the traces left of Drahns. I am a 'shining' example of overwikification - there are so many Drabantia-related pages I didn't even know existed I had to edit, move or delete.

And now, let's get to the city.

Loading map...

Drabantia flag.png She's beautiful!

So what I did with the Old Town (foundations) was I smothered it with churches - 'cause girl, we don't f**k with anyone's opinion on religion around here - but the New Town is different than that. There's one church on the map, and there's going to be two more and that's it. That's because the New Town is going to be newer and younger than the Old Town that is really old.

The New Town was founded in the 1860s, when the Old Town started to be a little overpopulated. The Old Town however wasn't very overpopulated, just a little, that's why there's so many empty space near the fortifications (it's soon-to-be gardens.) Here's how it probably went: a resident had woken up one morning and slammed his head against the ceilimg, because ceilings were ridiculously low back then. He put packed ice on his forehead and went to his landlord and was like 'hELL NO I'VE HAD IT I'M NOT LIVING IN YOUR DWARF COTTAGE ANYMORE I'M MOVING OKAY YOU NASTY!!!' and then peacefully moved to the other side of the river, where grass was greener until it was replaced with grand boulevards with tree lanes and spacious pedestrian zones. And that's how the New Town happened.

The terrain there is not very perky. The elevation is lowest at the river Borava (99 m) and then it gradually increases until it reaches some 120 m near the Banuy river, and then it drops dead just like me when I saw the season 9 trailer for RuPaul's Drag Race. But then I found out you can't watch it outside of the US anymore and I cried. How'd I get here? Oh, terrain features.

And girl, is there features in the New Town. There's the National Theater, the National Opera, tons of public toilets, a cozy manor with a lovely garden, a skate park (guess who used to be a sk8er boi - I did), and an equally cozy monument that's like the Pointing Man, except it's a giant concrete torch. It was built in the 1950's when socialism was in full bloom in Drabantia. It shines a bright, eternal light of peace at all people, from farmers to workers, except the bourgeoisie, who have been detained and locked up in prison cells with no windows.

That's a wrap on my first weekly bliki entry! Hope you liked this piece of raging, emotional, overly-dramatic adolescent input and I'll see you next time. (Unless you decide to ghost me like Jason did. DAMN YOU JASON!)

Comments and overall validation are desperately sought after

You don't have to sign or timestamp your comments, because I secretly love chaos.

One of the most entertaining little throw-ups I've read so far xD And very cool to see the Czech (thanks God for auto correct) naming going on; they remind me of place names in Prague, like everything Czech really.. probably need to check out some other towns in Czechia to expand my picture of the country, recommendations very welcome.

Hi, Leowezy! I'm glad this brought back memories. Some other outstanding towns in the Czech Republic include Ostrava, which has the most abandoned buildings per capita; Most, which is actually just a suburb of the old town that was demolished in the 1970's due to expanding surface coal mines; and Doupov, which just isn't anymore. Thanks for commenting! --Eklas (talk) 07:09, 18 April 2017 (CEST)

Firstly, the bliki roll is not right about a lot of entries. The trick for making it work with daily entries like these, is to list them every time you create a bliki in an archive, like Luciano does. I, for example, also keeping blikis grouped by month, had the same problem, but made it work for myself.

On Odrava: Wow. It looks amazing and very realistic! The park/garden at the tip of the island just gives the city a nice touch. The overall layout of streets and the coasts look amazing. I think tramways always look amazing in ancient Europe style cities. I'm very curious to see how this city will develop over time and am very glad you feel good about this new city! Keep it up! --PortCal (talk)

Yeah, I figured that out shortly after I posted this. I'm probably going to make a template, like Myrcia has. Also, I'm glad you like my work so far and I promise not to disappoint you in the future. Thanks for commenting! --Eklas (talk) 07:09, 18 April 2017 (CEST)
Monday bliki by Eklas