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Hi, what's up? I've been very busy lately, which also means I had a lot less time for OGF than I would wish to have, but I got some things done anyway. If you read my previous bliki entries, at this point you might be wondering, 'is he going to take the opportunity and plug in more unrelated Czech culture,' and yes, I am. This week I'm recommending Výhledy by Jakub Ondra: in addition to it being a beautiful song, it's also kind of related to this week's topic, which is tourism (výhledy means viewpoints), and Jakub is a likeable blonde guy.

Výhledy is about zooming out for a while, looking at what you've accomplished so far, reevaluating and contemplating the future. And what better way to look around than from a hill or a tower? Now let chorus from the song play.

Visit Odrava, please

When I started working on the wiki pages of Drabantia and Odrava, I mentioned many buildings and places that weren't even on the map yet. And so, here they are: Šternovský palác (Senate), the Chamber of Deputies, Saint Bartholomew Monastery and the Odrava Castle (map below.)

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I don't know, I just couldn't get into the 'mapping spirit' that day and I can't shake off the feeling that something is wrong with the place. Something just feels off. Maybe it's the scale? I don't know and I'm just going to set it aside and hope it magically fixes itself, like I do with all other problems in my life after all.

But then there's the brighter parts. This week, I focused on the area between the river Borava, the Riegl Viaduct and the road I/9, east from the Old Town. In my vision, the area was always sort of empty, it was a wet meadow that would sometimes get flooded, even multiple times a year. Which remained the same until the late 19th century, when people realized it might be a good idea to touch up the riverbanks a little, to prevent flooding. Around that time, the New Town got built; the riverbanks were paved and turned into cozy quays there, this area only got dykes and the meadow was drained.

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Drabantia flag.png View on the map

Odrava obviously couldn't miss out on the exposition area fever of the 1890s, and it was decided to build the park right on that meadow. After years of problems, changes of plans, money shortages and delays, the construction finally started in 1922 and finished in 1927. The buildings are in the style of 'drab white buildings with symmetrical white windows and bland beige stone tiles' that was so popular in the 1920s. In addition to various events taking place in the expo center, the Lapidarium of the National Museum, the Central Library, Aréna - a concert hall, and the restaurant off Drabantia's pavilion at the Expo '59 are located in the area.

Now look a little further west, on the cliff above the exposition area you'll see Malá pevnost, 'the Small Fortress.' The location was settled as early as 800 CE and played an important role in the history later. There's a couple archeological sites. And as Svatá skála ('Holy Rock'), which is the name of the location, suggests, it's one of the most sacred places to Drabantians. There's Levín, the cemetery where the most important, influential Drabantians are entombed. There's the seat of the Odrava Deanery (a deanery is an administrative division of the church.) There's other features, trees, amenities, pubs and a nice view of the whole city.

But all in all, no matter what I do, I still get the impression of most of my work as kind of static, lifeless, even brooding and somehow desperate; maybe it's some demonstration of the empty bottle feeling I've been getting recently.[1] But as Ingrid Michaelson sings, when the cracks on your bedroom ceiling give you that empty bottle feeling, it's time to repaint, it's time to repaint (yourself.)

Let's end with a few lines from Výhledy:

With noise coming from the distance,

cars are winning over trams

in the competition of who will be there first;

right now, I am not involved;

so I'm just sitting and contemplating,

'What's my part down there gonna be like?

Am I going to make it,

or will I become a part of the flock?'

Monday bliki by Eklas

Let the comments commence

Sign and timestamp them unless you feel like it's a really exhausting, menial task, I relate and I'm not forcing you.

I dont think that your work is lifeless. In fact, look at some of the other places in OGF that have so much potential, yet are compketely ruined or deserted by their creators. Odrava is an amazing OGF-Prague that you will never give up on! Keep up the good work, this is my last comment (maybe) of the month, as i have exams coming up in June. *does salute signoff and walks away into the darkness of real life... Also, i was thinking it would be very appropriate to have a Litvanian-Drabantian friendship monument somewhere in Litvania. Right?--Litvania (talk) 19:53, 8 May 2017 (CEST)

Thanks for the heads up and good luck with the exams! I could help with that monument by the way. --Eklas (talk) 21:58, 8 May 2017 (CEST)
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