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Welcome back to my weekly bliki! In case you're new here, I usually plug in a song that I feel like is somehow related to the content of the entry. This week it's a Czech song again: Hana by Lucie Bílá. The video is aesthetically pleasing, and it features some shots of a countryside that's sort of similar to the one I'm going to be describing in today's post.

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Přeslav and Rabětín: Concluding the past six weeks

To conclude my work of the past six weeks, I figured I would write a short note about the region I've been working on. Looking at the map, you might notice there's still some blank spots left, but overall I feel like I have already done the most important things.

The area is mostly flat with small hills occasionally breaking it. The most notable natural feature is the river Borava meandering its way through. The southeastern border is created by the base of the Širé hory (Long Mountains) mountain range, which spans all the way to the eastern border of the country (remember?) In the northwest, there are some smaller hills and forests. The riverside is home to a large variety of Poaceae plants (grasses).

Around 80 thousand people live in the region. Its fertile soil is used for agriculture, the prevailing crops are sugar beet and corn. The industry is linked to the agriculture: there's a lot of sugar mills. In Rabětín, there's a large petrochemical plant owned by DolborChem. The area is served by the high-speed railway from Odrava to Krále Hora, by the highway D1 and national roads 11 and 12.

First people settled in the area around 2000 BCE. A silver cross from the 10th century CE was found in Opatovice. Places of interest include mostly historical buildings and castles (Přeslav, Rabětín, Kačany, Opatovice, Hostěrady, Hrachořice, Rábské Havlice, Stodovice, Morovnice). Camping near the river is also popular.

I'm looking forward to complete the rest of the area (to some extent) next week. Unfortunately I won't be able to make a bliki entry next Monday, but I'll see you July 3rd (back in Odrava.)

Do you like it? Is it okay to say 'historical buildings' when it's only nodes tagged as tourism=attraction? Would you want to live there? Please leave me a comment and tune back in in July.

Monday bliki by Eklas

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