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graphic design is my passion

Hi! Another week has passed, and I'm back with another bliki entry. It's still the holiday season, so I don't get to map much, but at least I have more time to think everything trough and plan for the future. Last week, I wrote a bit about the railway network in my country and how it developed over the years, today the topic perhaps isn't as flaming hot, but anyway, let's talk about agriculture.

Where's the pear and where are the bears?

So I just returned from Austria, and the Alps, that's also the reason this post comes with a two day delay again - sorry. I obviously feel inspired to draw mountains now, but instead I decided it was time I finally laid out the farmland and crops in my country. So I played around in MS Paint, like I do, and this is what happened:

Here's an explanation to all the different colors you can see in the picture.

  • Green - Forage-dominant areas. The soil is infertile, there's a lot of forests and mountains, and the preferred mode of agriculture is pasturage. There's a lot of precipitation, but cold. Sometimes, these areas can be rich in other natural resources though - in the east of the country, it's salt and iron most notably.
  • Pale green - Potato and forage-dominant areas. The soil still only has a tiny layer of humus, but it's enough for basic crops, e.g. legumes, grains such as oat; goats and cattle are dominant in the livestock section.
  • Yellow - Potato and grain-dominant areas. The soil type is mostly brown earth, i.e. average fertility. Rye, barley and other basic grains are largely grown here, along with potatoes and simpler vegetables such as cabbage, various other crops like poppy, linen or hop vine are also common. Pigpens and poultry farms prevail. In the southwest, there's a lot of cow pastures.
  • Light orange - Sugar beet-dominant areas. Areas with very fertile soil. Sugar beet along with wheat are the most frequent crops. In dryer areas, there's a lot of fruit tree orchards and vegetable fields. The livestock section isn't as important and is mostly represented by smaller poultry farms.
  • Orange red - Corn-dominant areas. Despite the name, corn isn't as widely planted in Drabantia. These are the most fertile areas. They're heavily used for vegetables, fruit trees, sometimes even grapes. Animal agriculture is unimportant. These areas are dryer and warmer than average.

This will help me with mapping in the future, and also it can give everyone a basic impression of Drabantia's agricultural produce. What is grown in your countries?

Leave a comment, and see you next week!

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Monday bliki by Eklas

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Incidentally, with all the gay bars in the city center, we have both pears and bears in Odrava *wink wink*