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It's 10:35 pm as I started writing this so I definitely can't guarantee this post is going to make sense. Consider yourself warned. I just wanted to be on time this time, since the last two entries came out with a two day delay.

So, welcome back to my weekly bliki. I'm guessing you're pretty much familiar at this point - every week, I find a topic to babble about and use another few kilobytes on the OGF server. It's still the holiday season by the way, so I don't have that much time to spend mapping but I do have more time to think everything through before I get to it.

The Hills

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Can you believe it's been two years already since The Weeknd's The Hills came out? Man, time sure flies fast. I'm already feeling all nostalgic about it.

So I actually spent a couple days home in Prague, which I obviously used for some quick fixes and details in Odrava. The idea is that the city is relatively flat, but the streams that flow towards the rivers sometimes create deep valleys - and this is how the hills are made. It's just land that happened not to be eroded by the water, and stayed at its original altitude. For now, they're at around 160 m, but since the rivers and lake are at about 75, I'm thinking I'm going to decrease it to 130 m.

Košíkářka (left) is the least steep of all the hills. There's a large park on the top, on the western hillside there's early 1900s townhouses and on the eastern hillside there's the College of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Drabantia. Going further to the east, there's a shallow valley, the townhouses are replaced with larger detached houses and villas.

Then comes Lachovka. There's a TV tower (to be done) on Lachovka. There's also another park and more detached houses in curvy streets that follow the shape of the hills.

The last hill of them all is Malín. Malín is also the tallest at 173 (soon to be 143) m. The top of the hill is kind of flat though, in contrast with the steep slants. There's nothing but residential zone on Malín.

I also drew some small industrial bussinesses northeast of Vozovice. These aren't some cool high-tech companies, I'm thinking more like faded brick walls, rusty metal constructions, cracked pavements with grass growing out of them, dusty roads, vacant warehouses... There's also one of the bus depots of the Odrava Transport Agency.

This area is obviously still a work in progress, I just figured I'd share a bit of what I'm currently doing. Have fun wherever you're spending the end of the summer and see you next week!

Monday bliki by Eklas

Comments are v appreciated

It's half past five somewhere *wink wink*

Omg, The Hills... it is one of the few (two) amazing songs from 2015 and, btw, it reminds me of my three-day stay in Prague August 2015. Indeed, time flies fast; wish we could turn back time to the good old days --Blurryface (talkOGF) 13:32, 29 August 2017 (CEST)

💚 --Eklas (talk) 08:37, 30 August 2017 (CEST)