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Hi and welcome back to the holiday edition of my bliki - the final entry.

Goodbye summer

The summer is almost over (thankfully) and here in the Czech Republic, school started again today. It was a wonderful summer though. I went to Italy and Austria and also many interesting places in my country. I actively avoided spending 12 hours a day on the computer - which is what I usually do when I have nothing else to do - by getting a part-time summer job that also required I spent time outside, so I actually got pretty tan and I don't look like a vampire anymore.

I didn't map much during the summer, because I wasn't home a lot. Instead, I drew more and I did a lot of preparation for some upcoming projects I have planned for my country. I was really looking forward to getting things done. But it seems that I won't have a lot of time from now on either.

Hello business

Business as in being busy. Is that a legit word? Maybe I just made it up. I don't honestly care. You get me.

Story short, school happened. And my classes are absolutely out of control this year. By which I mean I will be in school from sunrise to sunset almost everyday. Cool. I'm obviously free on the weekends, but I also have this thing called a social life, which I want to keep, so, time will really be a precious currency for me starting now.

*pauses and stares at the dead plant on the windowsill*

Am I being overly dramatic about this? I know I will have an 8-to-4 job (that's the local version of 9-to-5) eventually, which will leave me with about the same amount of free time I had last year. How do you all find time for OGF? Do you have any other hobbies? Do you have any functioning relationships left? If so, you sure are a superhero to me.

*gets up to water the one brave plant that still survives on the windowsill*

I'm obviously not spending all my free time here. I can't map for three or more hours continuously, that's not even healthy. But it bothers me that I will be barely able to make any time for OGF from now on.

Monday bliki by Eklas

Feel free to express yourself below this line

*knock knock*

Welcome back to the world of the boring Eklas x3 I'm just back to normal life as well, and not looking too much forward to it, though I have high hopes for the future anyway, just your standard anxiety I feel. You'll find your free time eventually again, and I'll be awaiting your updates! I presume you have the same holidays around Halloween and Christmas in your education?

The reason I can work on OGF so much right now? I'm unemployed basically, between Uni and Work, searching starting next week basically. That and I don't actually have a social life, I'm extremely introverted in that I'd prefer a night in with myself than even a day out with any friends. I don't actually have any other hobbies either xD But yeah, I'm definitely flawed, but I can still shape a bit of time around my schedule for OGF, but no worries and understanding if you don't personally :) --Aces California (talk) 19:46, 4 September 2017 (CEST)

I definitely will get like three days off on the national days (Sep 28, Oct 28, Nov 17) and then there's Christmas. I also learned that every second Tuesday, I'll be able to get off at 12:45 pm, which is exciting. Thanks and good luck with your job search! --Eklas (talk) 13:56, 5 September 2017 (CEST)