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Hi! You're here, I'm here, let's just get to the point. We have some 9 weeks left of 2017 and I have two topics to talk about, firstly it's the election tragedy that happened this weekend in the Czech Republic, secondly a railway I'm currently drawing.

Last night was crazy

Someone on Twitter said the election results are (sic) 'like when you fall into a cesspool, but your head is above the surface and you can still breathe.' Frankly, that's all we can do: keep breathing. Here's some highlights of the results.

  • We now have more political subjects in the parliament than ever: there's nine of them.
  • In this election, voters didn't decide between left-wing and right-wing. They decided between traditional and 'anti-establishment' parties - and overwhelmingly chose the second.
  • ANO (with Andrej Babiš, a secret communist police agent, billionaire and business mogul, at the time in prosecution for fraud, as a leader) won with 29,64% of the votes, gaining 78 out of 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. In its campaign, it somehow managed to convince the voters it's an anti-establishment party (though it was in the government for four years) and that it's responsible for the good economical situation the country is in. ANO stole about 500 thousand voters from the social democrats, who, according to many, failed to highlight their achievements in the campaign.
  • ODS came in second with 11.3%. Never thought I'd say it, but thank God.
  • The pirate party aka the libertarian center-left gained 10.8%.
  • SPD, the right-wing populist, anti-immigrant party with the half-Asian leader Tomio Okamura, was fourth with 10.6%.
  • The actual communists had their second worst result since 1921 - most of its voters turned to SPD or ANO (Ironic. Once we almost got rid of the communists, another one from a different party is going to become the prime minister.)
  • Social democrats lost more than 10% from the last election.
  • Another three parties are in the ChOD: Christian democrats, TOP 09 (right-wing liberal conservatives) and STAN (a club of independent candidates) with 10, 7 and 6 seats respectively.

So, what does this mean? It will be very hard to create a governing coalition. Most parties have declared they won't join a government with ANO, SPD or the communists. ANO and SPD only have 100 seats combined out of the 200, ANO with communists 93. A government of ANO + SPD + communists would be a nightmare - but even then, they wouldn't reach the 120 seats necessary to change the constitution. We'll see how it goes. There's hope.

Railway 020: An introduction

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Drabantia flag.png View on map

Railway line 020, earlier also just 'Line 2,' is one of the most important lines in the country. Its domestic significance isn't that large, but it connects Odrava with Kolin, Litvania and then continues as line 010 to Lorava.

Some other more important towns on the line are:

  • Podbořice (km 38, population 18,000),
  • Dránský Brod (km 49, pop. 20,000),
  • Hrubětice (km ~80, pop. 30,000, important regional railway hub),
  • Hojtín (km ~135, pop. 17,000).

The tracks in Drabantia have about 180 km in length, the entire course is equipped with 25kV 50Hz overhead line and is two-tracked. The maximum speed is 160 kmph in selected parts of the line, the lowest maximal speed is 80 kmph between Podbořice and Dránský Brod and in the Vozovice valley in Odrava. For administrative purposes, the part between Dránský Brod and Odrava is listed as line 021 in the Drabantian railway timetables.

Another fun fact is that the railway is actually the oldest in the country. It originally opened in 1832 as a horse railway between Odrava and Hrubětice, but in 1849 it got bought by OKD (remember?), reconstructed and in 1852 extended to Kolin.


  • InterCity trains Porta Drabantica and Porta Litvanica (no. 100 - 119) from Odrava to Loravia and back, 10 pairs daily
  • Express trains (R)
    • no. 820 - 829 from Odrava to Drabantský Kolín and back, 5 pairs daily
    • no. 830 - 839 from Odrava to Hrubětice, then to Poltavy and back, 5 pairs daily
    • no. 860 - 879 from Odrava to Dránský Brod, then to Janov via Rokytno (line 070) and back, 10 pairs daily
  • Regional express (Sp)
    • no. 1620 - 1629 between Odrava, Dránský Brod and Rokytno (line 070), 5 pairs on workdays in the morning and evening
  • Regular regional (Os)
    • no. 9200 - 9239 as Odrava's suburban train system line V3 between Odrava Janovo nádraží and Dránský Brod and back, every 60 minutes
    • no. 2100 - 2125 between Dránský Brod and Hrubětice, 8 pairs daily and 6 more on workdays
    • no. 2150 - 2175 between Hrubětice and Hojtín, 8 pairs daily and 6 more on workdays
    • no. 2850 - 2875 between Hojtín and Drabantský Kolín, 8 pairs daily and 6 more on workdays
  • Freight


  • lines 010/011 (V1) to Krále Hora, 040 (V4) to Teplice na Jezeře, 072 (V2) to Mířice, 170/171 (V6) to Ostrožeň, 172 (V7) to Rabětín and 175 to Escadia
  • lines 022 (V21) to Velké Poříčí dolní nádraží and 024 (V22) to Dolní Kamenice in Dražovice
  • line 023 to Mířice in Podbořice
  • line 070 to Rokytno, Železné Hoštice and Janov in Dránský Brod
  • lines 030 to Poltavy, 050 to Slavany and Velboř and 060 to Janov in Hrubětice

...and more I have to draw yet.

My plans and progress

I am definitely not going to draw the entire railway in some stunning detail. It's going to be very similar to my previous large-scale edits, in other words I'm going to map the railway, the most important roads, rivers and streams, residential and industrial areas and forests to add some contour. I will also draw the four towns - Podbořice, Dránský Brod, Hrubětice and Hojtín - on paper in more detail and then trace that. I'm definitely going to post the drawings on Twitter @gdrahns and retweet from @drabantia, so make sure to follow these.

The railway is one of the last projects I'm doing this year. So far I've drawn some 40 km out of the total 180. After finishing it I just hope to complete the second part of district Rabětín and then it will be 2018.

Next week, I'm going to write more about the first part of the railway, the region northwest of Odrava. See you then!

Monday bliki by Eklas

Comments are v welcome

can you believe it's october and i haven't had pumpkin spice latte yet

Well, I can not say anything about mapping today because you write only about your plans now. Really ambitious plans, if we consider that you want to do it before an end of the year.

More interesting topic here seems to be Czech politics. When I have read about the election results and agentural past of Babiš yesterday I fell into great confusion. How party with anyone like that as a leader can win the elections? A liar, a communist agent, an oligarch... I do not understand. Thankfully I think it is possible that functional majority government will not form and the elections will be repeated. On the other hand, influental right-wing polish portal concentrated about politics finds another possibilities of coalition in Czechia. They do not see communists in government with ANO and SPD but dream about coalition with TOP 09 or destroying the coalition of Mayors and Independents to gain at least this one missing deputy. Anyway I do not see any broad coalition creating new ("new" means within radical right vision included in) constitution. It could be done only by strong single party government or at least coalition of two parties. More sides of the political debate will never reach the consensus... in this case it is rather good for Czechs. I hope things will still stand in a good way (and if any government in Czechia will be formed, they do not come across the V4 unity). Rustem Pasha (talk) 16:13, 22 October 2017 (CEST)

I don't think a coalition of ANO and TOP 09 is likely. The leaders of the two parties attacked each other in the campaign and even their voter bases hate each other. If there's one thing I'm sure about though, the Christian democrats are going to be in the government, because they always are, with whoever. It might even happen so, that the current government coalition (i.e. ANO, social democrats and Christians) continues (they have 103 seats combined) - even though I wish the social democrats spent some time in the opposition and had a chance to reinvent themselves, I think they're politically exhausted. --Eklas (talk) 16:55, 23 October 2017 (CEST)