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Valentine day's just around the corner, and you know what's in the air - love. And if you live in a city, solid microparticles. Respiratory diseases will ruin anyone's day, and it recently came to my attention that there isn't any medical center in Odrava specialized in curing them. As a coincidence, the topic of Alessa's challenge for this month is healthcare - so I took the opportunity and drew a colossal hospital complex.

Doctor doctor, would you please prescribe me something

Hospital aesthetics

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You're riding an elevator. The walls are paneled with aged dark brown plywood that's covered in stickers and graffiti. The floor is mysteriously sticky. Suddenly, the elevator rumbles and grinds to a halt. The door makes a dull metal sound and slides open. You're in a dimly lit hall. There is a red number 5 painted on the wall in front of you. On each side of the hall, there are entrances to three corridors. You take one of the corridors to your left.

As you walk down the hallway, you can't help but notice the eerie silence surrounding you. It is so quiet you can hear the echo of your footsteps. There are no windows, just endless rows of doors. You look at the room numbers: A5421, A5423, A5425... suddenly the hallway turns right and then left again. There are a few old benches and a dusty fake ficus. Some of the ceiling lights are not working; the others shine in bright yellow and make an annoying buzzing sound. There is still no one around you. You hear a door creaking and shutting somewhere from afar. As you turn around yourself, you overlook a hole in the linoleum, you stumble and stagger. You make a couple last steps and stop in front of one of the doors. The sign in front of you reads Janet Myers, dental practice. You take a deep breath and knock.

Now that would have been exactly this hospital a couple years ago. Since that, it has undergone massive repairs as well as refurbishment of all the technology and equipment.

The monster you're looking at is the New University Hospital. Built between 1969 and 1977, this hospital boasts almost 2,500 beds in various specialized departments, making it the largest in the country and possibly one of the largest in the world. It has over 5,000 employees. The area has over 21 hectares and aside from the two main buildings, there is 14 more pavilions. The hospital has its own heating station, a large kitchen and laundry room, multiple gyms, a swimming pool and obviously a helipad. Buildings D and E are used by the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Drabantia.

The main building has eleven above ground and three underground floors connected by 124 elevators. It's... sizeable. The maximum length is 321 meters, the maximum width 210 meters. The highest point is the clock tower with an observation deck, which is located at 61 m. The building has multiple inner yards, where the cafeterias and kiosks are located. There's also a pneumatic tube system. In the underground, logistics are handled by self-driving robots that transport medications, laundry and waste around.

Architectonically, the hospital is a mix of modernism and late brutalism. Its robust concrete skeleton is decorated with white and brown ceramic tiles.

Obviously I had accessibility in mind: the site is situated next to a major interchange and tram, bus stops as well as a public transport terminus are all located nearby.

Healthcare in Drabantia

Health insurance is mandatory and everyone has equal access to healthcare - even though you can obviously pay for extra services like a premium room. In the countryside, there are private medical practices, in towns over 20,000, there is usually a state hospital. Overall, while especially in small towns there's sometimes a lack of funds, the system is in good condition.

So, this was big. It was my first take at a hospital but I went all in. How'd I do?

See you next week!

Monday bliki by Eklas

Comments are v welcome

yooo bro check out this hospital it's so sick yo

Dude, it's siiiiick! This is probably the best hospital in OGF currently. Really impressive! --Ante44 (talk) 19:08, 5 February 2018 (CET)

Yep. At first sight my mouth opened widely. Then my jaw dropped to the ground. It's sick. --Rüstem Paşa Discussion 19:35, 5 February 2018 (CET)

Oh sweet lord I saw this in the morning and thought "Yup, Eklas doing something amazing"....IN THE SPAN OF ONE DAY, You succeeded already sky high expectations! Kudos to you! And the information in this Bliki backing it up, oh my god it just made it a hundred times better! I'm still struggling to think of what to do in my current area of T-V with Alessa's challenge xD --Aces California (talk) 20:23, 5 February 2018 (CET)

Thank you guys! You are all very sweet. 💚 --Eklas (talk) 08:58, 6 February 2018 (CET)

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No competition here, but I also might as well show my recent hospital and compare. Well, in terms of details and realism I think yours is much better. The layout of my current hospital needs works like there should be certain similar blocks for different types of treatment, like a Cardiologist block, a Gastroenterologist block, etc. Anyone, yours is quite well done. Getting sick with jealousy (just kidding haha). To add, can you also translate some of the features into Ingerish, cause I also want to observe.--Happy mapping and may God bless you, ZK (talk) 10:38, 6 February 2018 (CET)

That's definitely something you can work on Eklas! Finally some critique :P I think it would be awesome if you develop your Metadata some more, if it's just English/Ingerish translation :P I've been doing it now for a while SEE EVIDENCE, and to make it realistic to OGF, I be using these for the tags :P I think if you work on Metadata, your work will be indistinguishable from OpenStreetMap work! --Aces California (talk) 11:14, 6 February 2018 (CET)
@AC what's metadata? Fixed some links for you by the way.--Happy mapping and may God bless you, ZK (talk) 13:33, 6 February 2018 (CET)
Oh yeah, I might do that. Actually, when I made the ITA headquarters last week, I tagged them with 'name:en=International Telecommunications Association' - though I maybe should have used name:in as in Ingerish. I'm actually not sure if it would actually add to the realism if I did it with every single object - after all, Drabantia speaks Drabantian, not Ingerish, on OSM there aren't many objects with international translations in my country either. Your hospital definitely has potential, Zhenkang. --Eklas (talk) 14:50, 6 February 2018 (CET)
But also since I have a good heart, here are all the pavilions' names translated into English:
  • Hlavní budova (dospělí) Main building (adults)
  • Budova B (děti a klinika LF) Building B (children's hospital and university clinic)
  • C oncology
  • D, E health sciences college
  • F orthopedics and rehabilitation
  • G health sciences college lab
  • H, I hostel
  • J subsequent treatment center and hospice
  • K pulmonology
  • L infectious disease center
  • M, N (empty)
  • O private stomatology
The 'industrial' areas southwards of the hospital are technological facilities, the smaller one is the heating station, the only named building there is the hospital laundry room.
Perhaps I should add the hospital's name literally translates as Faculty hospital Na Sikorce where Na Sikorce is the name of the locality. --Eklas (talk) 15:04, 6 February 2018 (CET)

Once again, Eklas, your work is such high quality. I'm thrilled the challenge inspired you to do this! I especially like how you captured the brutalist ideas in the mapping. As a thought, since buildings M and N are empty, as you said, here are a couple things you might want to think about adding into those locations: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Urology and Nephrology, Cardiology, or an outpatient surgery center. I'm not saying those need to be separate, but the culture of your country can even be reflected by what is more prominent. (Less active society or not-the-best nutritional choices, more likely to have urology and cardiology issues; conscious of women's health issues, more likely to have Ob/Gyn; etc.) Just a thought you might want to consider. — Alessa (talk) 21:46, 9 February 2018 (CET)

Thank you! The buildings M and N are small, they're only two-story. All these different medical departments are located in the much more spacious main building, except for the oncology clinic and a few other institutions. I'd say Drabantia is well-balanced healthcare-wise, all of the departments are equally as important. Thanks for the advice though. --Eklas (talk) 22:09, 9 February 2018 (CET)
No problem! I was just trying to think of what might be in those buildings, since they were empty. Once again, I love what you've done. I forgot to ask before: are you thinking of incorporating more brutalism into the surrounding neighborhood or is it a vestige of a scattered set of building programs? I think the architecture you're establishing in Odrava is quite a fascinating mix. — Alessa (talk) 23:04, 9 February 2018 (CET)
Not really. The hospital complex will probably be the only architectonically interesting building around. I'm thinking the area would be mostly residential, low to medium density and made up mostly of 1940 - 1950s semi-detached houses and a few small standalone apartment houses of various ages. --Eklas (talk) 13:23, 10 February 2018 (CET)
Some updates: Keppong General Hospital is undergoing a major refurbishment (in the OGF world it has already started long ago, I don't know). Maybe the two small blocks can be the 'Medical Suites', like clinics within hospitals. The new hospital will also include a block for hospice and the old. Singkangia is an aging society, so I think it is normal if the hospital 'upgrades', like in Singapore also.--Happy mapping and may God bless you, ZK (talk) 06:14, 10 February 2018 (CET)
Cool! --Eklas (talk) 13:23, 10 February 2018 (CET)

Maybe M or N could be used for Opthalmology or Optometry? Some eye related profession? ~~Michal (talk) 10:42, 10 February 2018 (CET)

As I've said, the main building fits almost everything, these two buildings could be more likely used as mixed administration/storage buildings. --Eklas (talk) 13:23, 10 February 2018 (CET)

Sweet molasses, that it one very nicely made hospital. I'm in awe :) Turnsole80 (talk) 12:05, 10 February 2018 (CET)

Thanks💚 --Eklas (talk) 13:23, 10 February 2018 (CET)

Your hospital grounds have a pretty good amount of green spaces between buildings to my eyes. Most NHS hospitals are concrete blocks where every available outside surface is asphalt and parking. Sarepava (talk) 16:32, 10 February 2018 (CET)