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How's life going? Mine is on fire. By which I don't mean it's LIT lmaoooo 🔥😂🔥😂🔥👌👌💯💯💯, but that I feel like I'm burning alive. I'm trying to balance finals at school, a retail job, my personal life AND hobbies, and it is a recipe for disaster in which I am the main ingredient. I currently feel so grilled that if you skinned me and threw some seasoning on my thick, recently-gained-weight thighs, you'd have a nutritious meal to serve at your summer family get-together.

was your barbecue cancelled? cuz yo grill is F**KED.

Anyways, finding time for OGF is increasingly difficult. That's why I've recently been experimenting with how minimalist my drawing style can get. Turns out a lot.

An all time low... level of detail

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Not only do I not have too much time to develop detailed, complicated places right now, I'm also driven to do large-scale mapping because I've had my country for two years now and it's still mostly empty. The areas I'm currently filling in would have probably never gotten drawn in more detail anyway.

There's some hills, and forests, and meadows, and brooks, the population density is relatively low, the whole region is generally forgettable, it's just what you pass by when driving on the I/10 to Odrava.

But I'm honestly pretty satisfied with how it's turning out. I want to have the entire administrative region (Janovský kraj) mapped in this minimalist style by the end of July. Perhaps I'll take a short break in the city of Janov and draw some heavy industry, since that's one thing my country's lacking so far.

Anyways, this isn't the most exciting thing I've ever created, but I just felt like making a quick update on what I'm doing. I feel like compared to last year, I don't have as much to say in my bliki, but hey, quality over quantity right? See you in two weeks.

Monday bliki by Eklas

Comments are v welcome

and i still don't know how i even survive (hard times)