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This post won't have much important content, it's more of a reminder that I'm still alive. Alive and also sometimes still drawing stuff. So, what have I done in the past two weeks?

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Dissolving like calcium carbonate

I decided it was a favorable time to do a clean up. I organized all my wiki contributions into categories and marked lots of pages and files for deletion. When I joined in 2016, I started creating all these pages out of the blue, for cities and companies that didn't exist on the map back then and some that would never do. And these pages are all soon to be gone. Growth.

OGF has recently reached 15,000 accounts (however, only a small % of them are active) and I do feel a bit overwhelmed by it all sometimes. The once lonely Egalia is now brimming with new mappers and their creations; you can no longer hear the wind chasing waves across the lake for the construction noises; cityscapes shine brighter than the stars; bustling crowds are trampling down weak, unresistant reeds. Sometimes you just want to shut it all out, after all, this is your 480 kilometers of land, you can walk back and forth but after a while it does feel like you're trapped; your walls and window shutters will break and all the noise and light will come in eventually; so you run to find shelter.

Nothing is going to disturb you in the karst. There are no excavators ripping out patches of grass and staining the soil with gasoline; the sound of car horns and sirens, ubiquitous in the city, are nowhere to be heard, it's just the forests singing to you softly in warm shades of autumn yellow. The steep limestone cliffs, they're your only patrons now, let them guide you; watch the water emerge and disappear underground again, in caves full of marvelous structures, structures of such stunning beauty; why would you ever leave again, let the cliffs guide you, let the mountains move you;

Anyways, there's a karst. And it's not the most impressive, interesting or well-mapped natural landmark in the world, but it's a place of refuge.

Monday bliki by Eklas

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*the sound of water dripping*