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Here We Are!

Well, here we are. The first entry in what could be a short-lived bliki, or perhaps one that will continue for a very long while. In this bliki I'll try to cover what I've been mapping, why I've been mapping it, and a whole lot else. For now, how about an introduction. Not of myself, but of Iscu, my country.

Iscu, seen in the multimap below

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is a country composed of 5 islands and 5 atolls. I did not intend for the atolls and islands to be equal in number, but it just sort of happened. The islands are a former ingerish possession, although the lentians also had a small presence at one point, reflected in a minority population in Port Affel. Most of the islands/atolls are protected areas, although the populated ones are not. If they were, no one would live on them. I've been working on Iscu since the 28th of May, although it feels like much longer. It's low-income, so I've tried to reflect that in the mapping, with smaller then average and more scattered buildings, as seen in the multimap below.

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The main industry is tourism, which I am slowly incorporating into the mapping. The mountainous interior of the main islands (frankly more like big hills), is covered with a trail network that is hiked on daily by tourists, and resorts and museums for tourists to relax and learn, respectively. The weather's nice all year round, and it's an escape for citizens of countries like Ardencia, which must have some brutal winters. The country is, though not the largest, certainly the longest in that region of the asperic, and takes pride in it. Let them have it, it's about the only thing they come first in.

I've been working for the past month on buildings and some other things that you can't see at first glance, like an electrical network and a water network. The power is provided by a combination of diesel and off-shore wind, and the water by desalination plants, probably built with money from some world power wanting to get influence.

In the coming weeks and months I'm going to be continuing building tagging and working on my topomap for the territory. I'm also going to go more in depth with the wiki page and try to really build up Iscuan culture, both on and off the map. I'll make longer bliki entries when I have time, but this is just a little intro.

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