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55.012, 87.002 - Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania

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types of people. Those who read binary and those who don't.
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Hi, I am Michal. I map a small, insignificant (and also rather irrelevant) country in North Central Uletha, called Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania. I'm insecure about it. I like drawing many things, but I am particularly interested in trains, aviation, public transport and design. I recently had my one year anniversary here on OGF, and I am looking forward to a bright future. You can get updates from me on Twitter. I dont like to make long histories, because those always seem to lack a meaning or clear reason of existence. My mapping is ambiguous, and I'll keep it that way.

My Geofiction History

I created my first country; Michalland, around 2009. It was obviously a paper nation, which i occasionally spent some free time drawing and developing its layout. It never went past the highway network map, as i for some reason disliked mapping cities in detail. Anyway, around 2010 I left geofiction for an unknown reason, and didnt really, fully return until late 2015, when i found old maps of Michalland, and started developing them all over again, this time applying my knowledge of physical and human geography. I came around to drawing up a fictional history, which i hated doing btw, and establishing a full blown empire called the "Imperiae Mikállansk" (my conlang abilities were at an all time low).

Later, I tried to get some friends to join my venture, where i surprisingly succeeded, because most of my friends thought drawing maps was useless. One of my friends, back when I lived Egypt, drew and very wholly developed the country of Dinoraenea (Dino-raynea, that is.). Our countries "collaborated" to create a world called "Geo-Unis" which some other friends filled with their one-day countries.

The new Michalland was in early 2016 renamed Litvania, due to me being very interested in the West Slavic languages at that time. November that year, i started heavily drawing some pages of a road atlas for Litvania (whose capital was Tanečkov), and was into the mapping that it actually affected my school and social life, with people telling me that drawing maps was "gay" or "weird" and of course, the good old "useless". Since then i have been involved here, and i try desperately to maintain a healthy balance between Litvania and the real world.

OGF Projects


Monthly Bliki by Michal (Litvania)
2017: 1 - Loravia's Old Town • 2 - I rushed it aaand i messed it up. • 3 - New City, Intro • 4 - How I got into drawing maps • 5 Inactivity and Return to Mapping • 6 Loravia's Awkward Railway Situation • 7 Geomorphological-Unit
2018: 1 - New Beginning and Last Year's Mundanity

And archive of my somewhat ignored Bliki may be found | here.

Most Recent Work

I'm working on a neoclassical area of Loravia now.

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Name Location Status Description In bliki
Kolin city foundations Kolin, Litvania Temporarily complete Kolin city foundations, as Kolin turns out to be an important city historically. User:Litvania/Bliki/2017/12/10
Staré mesto OGFmapicon.png Lorava, Litvania On Hold, 80% done. Loravia's Old Town User:Litvania/Bliki/2017/05/01
CHKO Loravské doliny OGFmapicon.png Loravia, Litvania On hold, 30% A medium size nature reserve near Loravia. January
Lorava hl. St. Loravia, Litvania On hold, 70% The station and neighborhoods surrounding it. N/A
Poslány, Borajkovo Loravia, Litvania On hold, 20% A 1960's style housing project. Detached houses, some large apartment blocks, schools, sports centers etc. N/A
Railway 010 Kolin -> Loravia In Progress, step 2/3 As a continuation of @eklas' work, I will continue the historically important railway 010(020) all the way to Loravia. Probably the longest contiguous stretch of detail around a railway in OGF. Early February
Križovce sketches Loravia, Litvania In Progress A historic monastery, castle and large neoclassical neighborhoods on the Southern bank of the Lorava river in Loravia. IDK NOT NOW AT LEAST

Favorite Places on OGF

I know I am late to the trend, but here it is, I take inspiration from all of these.

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