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Here is the place to sketch and discuss my contributions to the Federal States.

Eastern collaborative state (AR120-11): New Carnaby

Eastern collaborative state (AR120-11): New Carnaby

My ideas for rules of cooperation

  • experienced and unexperienced mappers are welcome
  • a user is only allowed to edit in areas given by the coordinators
  • a user is allowed to edit only in one county at once
  • moving/changing the position of county boundaries have to be discussed with the coordinators
  • natural and all other features added by the user should fit in size and proportion and should be compatible with the topography
  • motorways are always proposed by the coordinators. It is not allowed to use the tag highway=motorway for motorways which were not proposed by the coordinators. Instead the tag highway=trunk shoud be used
  • the creation of larger "special" facilities (national or international airports, seaports, raceways, nuclear facilities, large military bases, ...) must be discussed with the coordinators
  • the coordinators are allowed to remove all stuff which offend against the rules on this page and/or bann users from the territory without further inquiry

Hydrography and topography

see Hydrography and topography sandbox


see Ann'harbor

August Georgington Airport

see August Georgington Airport

East Annshire

East Annshire is a county in the east of New Carnaby, coterminous with the eastern part of Ann'harbor.

West Annshire

West Annshire is a county in the east of New Carnaby, coterminous with the western part of Ann'harbor.


Oakley is a small county in the east of New Carnaby between East Annshire and West Annshire.

Highway plan

Highway proposal
Highway proposal in eastern area
Highway proposal



Ann Shipbuilding

Ann Shipbuilding
Industryship building
Web Sitewww.annshipbuilding.fs

Ann Shipbuilding (ASB) is on of the largest shipyards on the East Coast and one of the largest industrial employers in Ann'harbor. It has the capability to build a variety of vessels including cargo ships, container ship, car carriers, tankers, iron ore carriers, naval vessels like destroyers, aircraft carriers and submarines. ASB also performs refueling and complex overhaul work on war vessels. Besides shipbuilding, the facility is able to do marine engineering, produce diesel engines, turbochargers, storage batteries, large steel structure fabrications and port machinery.

Since 1998, Ann Shipbuilding started the deactivation of nuclear-powered ships.




Annport is a privately owned agency responsible for administering services for the Ports of Ann'harbor. It is also a logistics and transportation company and operates several container terminals at the Ports of Ann'harbor, as well as cargo handling and transport services by rail, road and sea. Founded as state-owned agency in 1905, the company was privatised during the 1940s in order to modernize port facilities. The company is described as having adopted innovative approaches.

MacDougall Graham

see MacDougall Graham


see Obcare

Staten Oil

Staten Oil
IndustryOil company

Staten Oil is a Federal States oil company.

Military coordination

Military coordination

The Federal States needs some military. Since most of the country is under construction no decisions can be made in the near future. If you/your state wants to contribute to the armed forces, please add the proposal(s) here. No decisions are made/discussed!

§ Important technical notes to users
This is just a test, please ignore!



Air Force

Interactive map

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Oakley Sanbox

Oakley sandbox

Technical notes: AR120 forum

Overpass queries:


9, -41.24, 160.36
State of Oakley
FlagState Seal
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityAnn'harbor
 • GovernorTBD
 • Vice GovernorTBD
 • Totalxxx km2
xxx sq mi
 • Estimate (2018)xxx
 • Densityxxx/km2
xxx/sq mi
GDP (PPP)2018
 • Total$
 • Per capita$
TimezoneWUT +10

Oakley is a populous state in the New Ingerland peninsula in the southeastern Federal States. It borders on the Ardentic Ocean to the northeast, the states of Astrantia to the south, Fermont to the east, and Culpepper to the west.


Flag of the FSA.svg Political divisions of the Federal States
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Federal district Capital District

Great Eastern and Stanton Folkstone Railway


GESF Railway Company
IndustryFreight railway
Web Sitewww.gesf.fs

The GESF Railway Company is a large freight railroad network in the Federal States. Its parent company Great Eastern and Stanton Folkstone is headquartered in Stanton, New Carnaby. GESF hauls bulk cargo from the harbors in the east, i.e. Ann'harbor, general cargo and intermodal freight. The creation of GESF started with the merger of Great Eastern Railway and the Stanton Folkstone Railway in 1985.

GEFS locomotive
GEFS locomotive with double-stack container train

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The Peregrinus Express (abbreviated to Peregrinus) is ArchRail's flagship service along the Central East Corridor (CEC) in the eastern Federal States between Huntington in the north and Ann'harbor in the south via three intermediate stops, including Saint Jacobs, Lafayette and Stanton. Peregrinus Express trains attain 280 km/h per hour.

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Electricity in the Federal States

Electricity grid simple- North America.svg

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