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This user page is approved for general exhibiton by Her Majesty the Queen, Adelaide II.

Ohai, I'm ParAvion, head of the Lands Survey Department, the crowd mob government department responsible for charting every square inch, centimetre, and furlong of Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo.

I started mapping on OpenGeofiction on December 12, 2016, and began charting Vodeo on December 31, 2016. Vodeo is based on a series of maps I began drawing in 2005 and 2006, and until now has been restricted to pencil and paper. OpenGeofiction has given me the chance to computerise my maps and add in a level of detail I hadn't been able to achieve before. A lot of what you'll see in Vodeo (provinces, cities, and highways) exists on the paper maps, and many of Vodeo's place names go back years, so if you see a place name that matches one of your own, congratulations, great minds think alike! (And fools never differ.)

Like many of you, I draw on real-world inspiration for my mapping. Vodeo is mainly based on places around Australia and New Zealand (with Saviso and Holme taking inspiration from Adelaide, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, and Wellington), but other places occasionally pop in.

As for me? I'm from New Zealand. Besides indulging in recreational cartography, I have an interest in history (particularly 20th century history and especially the Atomic Age and the Cold War), photography, and politics. I'm also a Twitch streamer (ParAvion2000), and I do some mapping on-stream occasionally, so stop by and watch the construction of Vodeo in real time.

Here is a 1957 Cobalt Belvoir. I'm a big fan of the '50s, so it makes sense that Vodeo should produce such a wonderful car as this.

And now, a table detailing what's inspired by where:

Place Based on
My skin wasn't always this red, was it?
Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne
New Zealand: Tauranga
United States: Los Angeles, Miami, San Bernardino Mountains
Brynderwyn and Colony Coast
We've heard all the sheep jokes, trust us.
Australia: Hawkesbury River
The Bahamas: Nassau
Jamaica: Kingston
New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Brynderwyn
Wales: Porthmadog
I'm sure we have some sort of claim to fame.
Australia: Echuca, Shepparton, Wagga Wagga, Wodonga
We'll let you know once we've sobered up.
Australia: Albury
Jamaica: Kingston
New Zealand: Dunedin, Tauranga, Whangarei
Franklin Coast
Surf's up, dudes!
New Zealand: Coromandel Peninsula
More hipsters per square hectare than anywhere else.
Australia: Melbourne (culturally)
Canada: St. John's
New Zealand: Dunedin, Wellington
They're up to something.
Australia: East Gippsland
We remember the Queen when she was little Addy.
Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
New Zealand: Wellington
We pay for everything, stop complaining about us.
Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
Canada: Ottawa
New Zealand: Auckland
We're used to the rest of the country forgetting about us.
Can we get back to you on this one?
That ground is flat, better dig a hole and have a look around.
Australia: Ballarat, Bendigo


Nations of Cartographic Distinction

I love maps. Seriously, I have an abnormal obsession with them. Because I can sit for hours staring at maps, I'll list here my particular favourites. Shoutout to Niels20020 for the idea.

  1. Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo to start with, because of course.
  2. New Ingerland.png New Ingerland, Karvaland flag.png Karvaland, and the SAF flag.svg South Astrasia have lovely maps. Seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. Whenever I want to see how something is done in OGF, I stop in these places first.
  3. Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa isn't too bad on the eyes either.
  4. Drapeaubro.png Broceliande might be French, but the detail is staggering.
  5. Mercian flag.png Myrcia, you may be swarming with Reds but your maps are beautiful.
  6. Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon, what is there to say? I'm not sure whether the level of detail in the map is astounding, or disturbing.
  7. GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya has plenty of motorways to play on enjoy.


All the cool kids are doing it.

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