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Feel free to mark your country with the government type which suits the country best.

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  Strong Democracy - Democracy is highly valued in the country and is key in country's foundation (e.g. left-winged, smaller states)
  Formal Democracy - Democracy is valued in the country, but not in its fullest form (e.g. centre, federal states)
  Weak Democracy - Democracy has authoritarian elements in the country, but is a part of the history of the country (e.g. capitalist, right-wing, bigger states)
  Hybrid Democracy or Anocracy - Authoritarian but posseses democratic features, former democracy (e.g. right-wing, popolous states)
  Semi-Authoritarian - Authoritarian but people still influencial, mostly corrupt, has or has never been a former democracy (e.g. socialist)
  Authoritarian - Authoritarian with a leader controlling most elements of the country, restrictions of activities common (e.g. corrupt states, communist)
  Dictatorship - One leader controlling all elements in the country, restrictions of activities always practiced (e.g. civil unrest, scandals)
  Absolute Monarchy - King or queen controlling all elements in the country, restrictions of activities not common (e.g. traditionalist, religious)