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Return of the Jedi Bliki

So... I'm back? Kind of? I don't promise anything, but I'm going to try to update the Bliki every week. If I map anything, of course.

Editing Vinnmark

Anyone remembers Vinnmark? The unofficial collaborative in Western Uletha, kind of a Danish/French country. Some might know that I've been doing some editting in there. Nothing really big, but it is better than nothing, innit? I've been doing some stuff especially on the border with Shilesia. South from the city of Berreau I've made some villages with 3 towns - Ullerslev, Valløby and Magleby, the first being the biggest. I imagine those towns as small satelites of Berreau, as they don't really have any industry. I assume that there is a lot of farmland in the area, and they would be the leading employers in the area - along with typical city services and maybe small shops. Anyway, all the describtions aside - here is the map!


Bliki by trabantemnaksiezyc
2017 3 - Return of the Jedi Bliki
2018 4 - Every week · 5 - The Railway

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