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The Randalia Department of Transportation (RanDOT) is an agency established to oversee the building, maintenance and improvement of highways and motorways in Randalia.

The central office is located in the Felix Merryweather Federal Office Building in downtown Arborvell. It is responsible for design and maintenance of National Primary Routes and the Motorway network.

Regional field offices are located in each provincial capital and are responsible for Provincial Secondary and Tertiary Routes.

RanDOT was established in 1923 and is one of the leading employers in the Nation.

Office Address Map Location
Central Office 1555 Duval Avenue, Arborvell
Province of Phrengal Field Office Avenue 98E, Roscovina

Primary (National) Routes

(List and map to be revised to reflect numbering changes.)

Route From To Length in miles(Km) Notes
Randroadsign R1.png Roscovina Dodge 284 (458)
Randroadsign R2.png Port Sandoval USA Border(Randusa) 1071 (1724) Randalia Coast Highway, Connects to US70S, USA
Randroadsign R5.png Eagle Lake City Lake Estrell City 384 (619)
R8 Arastora R99 (Imperial) 102 (164)
Randroadsign R10.png Rexell Arastora 248 (399)
R11 ValVerde Saber Falls 207 (333)
R12 Port Sandoval Villa Aqua 181 (291)
Randroadsign R15.png Villa Aqua Archer City 433 (697)
R16 Port Sandoval Pacifica 178 (286)
R18 Mustang City CM88 145 (233) extend to Unesia Border
Randroadsign R20.png Ellesport Mustang City 357 (575)
R22 Ellesport Arcadia 350(563) Connects to C99,Unesia
Randroadsign R25.png Roscovina Arphaxas 310 (489)
Randroadsign R30.png Forrester City Centralis 145 (233)
Randroadsign R32.png Emerald Beach Guernier 238 (383)
R37 Lakhoma Vulcanville 308 (495)
R41 Forrester City Altair 130 (209)
Randroadsign R45.png Ellesport Arborvell 248 (399)
Randroadsign R47.png Summerlyn Springs Argent 39 (62)
R48 Altair/Everell Tilgard 113 (181)
Randroadsign R50.png Karth Roscovina 186 (299)
R52 Fairway Brevia 157 (252)
Randroadsign R55.png La Vasa Springhaven 309 (497)
R56 Brevia Havare 194(311)
R57 Praetersburg Loyal (R80) 74(118)
Randroadsign R60.png Arborvell Uvalta 522(841)
R65 Puhi Arcadia 238(383)
Randroadsign R70.png Montarco Lake-Ville 77(124)
R72 Alormen Border (Randalo) Brevia 174(280)
Randroadsign R75.png Delphine Mustang City 81(130)
R76 Kara Summerlyn Springs 249(401)
R77 Mustang City Witaska 170(274)
R80 New Gruens Arcadia 575(926)
R99 Randusa Unesia Border 267(430) Connects to G95,Unesia


Route From To Length in miles(Km) Notes
Randroadsign M1.png Pacifica Randroadsign R1.png south of Arborvell 288 (463)
Randroadsign M2.png Karth Ellesport 412 (663)
Randroadsign M3.png Arborvell Mustang City
Randroadsign M4.png Ellesport Arborvell
Randroadsign M5.png Roscovina Kara
Randroadsign M6.png Aragona Roscovina
Randroadsign M7.png Ellesport Mustang City
Randroadsign M8.png
Randroadsign M9.png
Randroadsign M101.png Randroadsign M1.png Randroadsign M1.png / Randroadsign M2.png 13 (21) Roscovina
Randroadsign M102.png Randroadsign M1.png Randroadsign M2.png 73 (118) Roscovina
M201 Randroadsign M1.png/ Randroadsign M3.png Randroadsign M1.png 9 (14) Arborvell Urban Loop Expwy.

Trunk Routes

Route From To Length in miles(Km) Notes
R102 Randroadsign R2.png Randroadsign R75.png Delphine Bypass
R116 Mustang City Loop
R120 R145 Randroadsign M2.png Ellesport [map]
R123 Randroadsign R2.png Randroadsign R2.png Pacifica Bypass
R140 Randroadsign R50.png Randroadsign M1.png Roscovina [map]
R142 Randroadsign R1.png Randroadsign M102.png Cutlass Avenue Freeway, Roscovina
R143 Randroadsign M1.png M201 Arborvell [map]
R145 Randroadsign M2.png Randroadsign R2.png Ellesport Downtown Connector