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*[[User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/Personal mapping method]]
*[[User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/Personal mapping method]]
*[[User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/Kuehong timeline and other unmapped stuff]]
*[[User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/Kuehong timeline and other unmapped stuff]]
*[[User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/OGF Fictional Works]]
==Names archive==
==Names archive==

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Names archive


This is a list of mayors of Balonis City.

# Mayor First
In office Length of
Political Party
Maximilian Sedillo
Andrés Carballar
Herminda Orta 1999 1999 – 2006 8 years Partido Laborista

File:Cleodora Pelayo.jpg
Cleodora Pelayo in 2010.
Cleodora Pelayo (born 1990) is a Balonese professional tennis player who is currently one of the best of her country. She is currently ranked no. 7 of the world and was ranked no. 1 from August 2011 untill December 2013.

Pelayo has won the Balonese Open in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015. She participated on the 2012 Summer Geolympiad, where she won a silver medal. Pelayo also participated on the 2016 Summer Geolympiad, but was eliminated in the quarter finals.

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File:Mampu Delgado.png
Mampu Delgado in 2014.
Mampu Delgado (born 1987) is a Balonese racecar driver. He drives for HareSpeed Racing.

In 2008, Delgado joined the Premier Formula. He became part of the Marianan team Atenis Racing. Because of his very good prestation that season, he moved to the team Verde y Blanco in 2009. 4 years later HareSpeed Racing, one of the best teams in the Premier Formula, became his new team.

Delgado drives with the number 87, because this are the two last numbers of his year of birth.

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This is a list of Presidents of Balonis.

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.
Order Years Name Party Vice President Notes
1 1825-1833 Maximino Marino Partido Federalista Probably the most famous Balonese president ever
2 1833-1837 Partido Federalista
3 1837-1845 Rolando Gallo Partido Federalista
4 1845-1850 Orlando Hurtado Partido Federalista Died in office
5 1850-1854 Partido Federalista
6 1854-1862 Partido Federalista
7 1862-1866 Julián Arteaga Partido Federalista
8 1866-1870 Ramón Hurtado Partido Federalista
9 1870-1874 Mateo Meraz Partido Republicano
10 1874-1882 Partido Federalista
11 1882-1890 Partido Republicano
12 1890-1894 Partido Republicano Died in office
13 1894-1902 Partido Republicano
14 1902-1906 Carlos Zelaya Partido Conservador
15 1906-1910 Partido Federalista
16 1910-1914
17 1914-1922
18 1922-1930 Federico Hernandez
19 1930-1932 Died in office
20 1932-1934
21 1934-1938 Partido Laborista
22 1938-1939 Died in office
23 1939-1942
24 1942-1950
25 1950-1954
26 1954-1958
27 1958-1966 Ángel Pomar
28 1966-1974 José Carballar Partido Federalista
29 1974-1978 Partido Federalista
30 1978-1986 Eduardo Córdova Partido Laborista
31 1986-1989 Miguel González Partido Laborista Francisco Enrique Died in office
32 1989-1990 Francisco Enrique Partido Laborista Albert le Meur
33 1990-1994 Nelson Ramírez Partido Federalista
34 1994-1998 Manuel Fernandino Partido Laborista
35 1998-2002 Roberto Garrido Partido Federalista
36 2002-2009 Andrés Alcocer Partido Federalista Cristián Cruz Died in office (assassinated)
37 2009-2014 Cristián Cruz Partido Federalista Valeriano Escobar
38 2014- Enrique Blanco Partido Laborista Herminda Orta Current president
# Mayor First
In office Length of
Political Party
Éric Doucet

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