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A work in progress

Inspired by User:Donnamaw/Sandbox/Tamarindia OOC

In the OpenGeoFiction (OGF) world, Kuehong is one of the few nations on the Muinon Peninsula in Archanta, bordering Ulethan-majority Fayaan to the north and Bai-majority Cinasia to the south. With predominantly mountainous terrain and sub-tropical rainforest with a large proportion of the population living in coastal urban seats, the long-time stratocracy is a burgeoning independent economy, though it still has to face rampant ethnic strife and conflicts within its borders.

Of course in reality, as we all know, it's an entirely made-up country. In keeping with my thoughts on Kuehong, I present here the real-life history of Kuehong and the aims and objectives of its author in OGF and beyond.

No thanks, I only want to read the made-up in-world stuff

Developing Kuehong

A bit of context: Before Kuehong I was heavily involved in Antigo, a totalitarian state in Central Uletha. However, being slightly way into the project and being rather isolated from the rest of OGF community literally due to some of my eccentric actions in communications (I have never really been able to communicate my views properly), sometimes posing as a dictator ruling the country, I decided to step away from the project and own a new personal country. Kuehong was formerly a Commonian state of Reagan, but the new regional admin decided to splinter off several countries to form new ones. I was one of the few to grab one, and hence Kuehong is developed.

Culture and language

Kuehong is not exactly OGF Vietnam; there are quite a number of distinctions from it. However, I decided to use Vietnamese (or Kuehongese in OGF) as the primary language of the country, while keeping a substantial Bai (Chinese) influence over the country. I am not totally sure why I decided to use Vietnamese, but I feel that it is the closest to Chinese among some of the Southeast Asian nations, or that I have been quite fascinated by Vietnamese culture. Nevertheless, I decided to create a Vietnamese nation and hence Kuehong is formed.

I decided to keep a substantial Bai population in the country, a remnant of Kuehong's past colonisation of the Bai Empire (which sadly does not exist... yet). The effects of Bai's influence on the country is still prevalent, especially the use of Chinese characters for the native language, being used alongside the Latin alphabet probably introduced by the Ulethans later on.

Kuehong is also set to be rather diverse, with minor ethnic groups also included into the country, such as Nùng, Shan and Hmong, besides the Bai and Kue that dominates the demographics of the country. I like to include them as they are rather virtually unknown ethnic groups until you read them up or something like that, and that including minority languages are also rather fascinating as well. Plus, it really creates some diversity, instead of just keeping to one language.

Politics and straocracy

Kuehong is a stratocracy. Oh wait, you don't know what it is? Well, you can look it up, but you will like to know, it just means the military runs the country legally. Not just a military junta, but the military which takes control of all aspects of the country and the people, regardless of who they are, are part of it. (Ok it may sound dystopian but it isn't a dictatorship... well never mind explain later). This unique political system dominated by the military, or rather the military who controls the country, is partly inspired by military-era Burma. I like to imagine how a military government takes over a country and refuses to cede power, eventually legalising military rule, and over time the military government became popular due to its good policies to develop the country.

I have decided against imposing a communist government over Kuehong, because it may seem a bit too similar to Vietnam. Neither am I going to impose a regular, free, liberal democracy those brainwashed westerners worship and uphold. I prefer to create a government that is not totally perfect yet unique. However, these past attempts for those two systems will be explored in Kuehong's past, which will some thrills that it will be worth creating a movie or Netflix series out of it.

While the government is run by the military, elements of democracy have been gradually introduced once the military has firm control over the country. The legislature is now a fully-elected body, though well those biased analysts may claim they are mere puppets of the executive council. You know, I doubt no one really cares, as long the country remains stable and prosperous.

Anyway, keeping in mind the political system, the country will have quite a number of military bases, institutions devoted to the military and stuff like that. Can't elaborate too much, or I will accidentally give away top-secret national secrets.