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|cctld = .vyz
|cctld = .vyz
'''UL073a - This country will have its name changed in a near future. (10.2019)'''
'''Vyzesh''' is a small country in northeastern [[Uletha]]. Its capital is ''Vyzad''.  
'''Vyzesh''' is a small country in northeastern [[Uletha]]. Its capital is ''Vyzad''.  

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8, 54.5, 119.4
Largest cityTBD
Official languagesVyzadian
NationalitiesVyzadian 99.8%, other 0.2%
 • Total21'400 km2
 • Estimate (TBD)TBD
 • DensityTBD/km2
HDI (2019)0.47
Currencynone (de jure), Darcodian lira, Alvedic franc and Brevinian franc (de facto)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.vyz

UL073a - This country will have its name changed in a near future. (10.2019)

Vyzesh is a small country in northeastern Uletha. Its capital is Vyzad.

The name Vyzesh comes from Brevinian language and means "humid" or "full of water", due to its people being former nomads of the northern swamplands.

Vyzesh gained independence from Älved after the fall of Alvedic Union. This failed state has struggled violently for its independence on different territories in the region. A majority of Vyzadians are very protective of their traditions and nomadic lifestyle, reject modernity and continue living in small wooden houses or tent-like dwellings with few belongings, due to their tradition of being able to move quickly. Settling in abandoned houses unformally, leaving them, or changing houses between families from a village to another is also widespread. Vyzadians fight violently against attempts to destroy the natural environment they need for their nomadic survival.

Nowadays the neighboring nations are trying hard to maintain a minimal governance and diplomacy in order to re-establish the road and rail connections from Senford to Darcodia, via Älved and Vyzesh. The infrastructures are in bad shape, but transit visas for trucks and passengers do exist. International fret trains are currently interrupted and must go through Brevinia instead.