Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport

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Z13, 29.7061 °N, 122.6936 °E
Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport

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Basic information
Country Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia
City WPX serving Wiwaxmouthe and Pargiter
Began operation 1922
Time zone +8
Elevation AMSL 22 m
Passengers 27,500,000
Aircraft operations 94,000
Direction Length
09/27 2797 m
13L/31R 1742 m
06/24 1436 m
18/36 2984 m
13R/31L 1771 m
Number Length
Highways W301 Pargiter Expressway
Suburban rail lines Airport Express from Opabinia Station
Postcode EOC1X3
Telephone +0323 (0)21 388-8000


Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport was founded in 1922 as Empire Field. With one runway and an elegant terminal in the art moderne style of the time, by 1944 it was far to small to handle the amount of air traffic that Wiwaxmouthe demanded. Following a referendum to raise funds, a new terminal was built beside the old terminal, and an additional runway was added.

In 1967, the original terminal and 1945 terminal were replaced with Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and two additional runways were added.

In 1989, the two terminals were significantly remodeled and the new International Terminal was built, along with the fifth and final runway.


Wiwax_Pargiter Airport has three terminals; Terminal 1 with three concourses, Terminal 2 with four concourses and the International Terminal with three concourses.

Passenger concourses

Concourses A, B and L in Terminal 1 have 69 gates: A1 to A27, B1 to B22 and L1 to L22.
Air Wiwaxia is the only tenant of Concourses A and B.

Concourses C, D, E and F in Terminal 2 has 28 gates: C1 to C7, D1 to D7, E1 to E7 and F1 to F7.
The tenants of the terminal are WiwaxAir, Tilney Aviation and Sister Airlines as well as Air Ataraxie.

Concourses G, H and J in the International Terminal have 33 gates: G1 to G11, H1 to H11 and J1 to J11. The tenants of the terminal include DeltAir, KojAir, Air Velin, Flyht Myrcia, Guai Airways, BalonisAir, Merganwings, Glastian Airways, FreedemiAir, Air Karolia, FlyWright Air and EmiliAir.

Airline lounges

  • Air Wiwaxia has its Cloud Nine lounge for those flying business and first class as well as its silver, gold and amethyst Cloud Nine frequent flyer program members. DeltAir and Guai Airways share the Zephyr lounge, while other Geolliance airlines share the Geolliance Grand G lounge. Air Ataraxie also has its own lounge.

Airlines and destinations




Top destinations

Busiest domestic routes from WPX (Apr 2015 – Mar 2016)
Rank City Passengers Airline(s)
1 Lydgate Mary Garth International Airport - Lydgate 520,000 Air Wiwaxia, WiwaxAir, Sister Airlines, Tilney Aviation
2 Delvile International Airport - Murthwaite/Starkadder 478,000 Air Wiwaxia, WiwaxAir, Air Ataraxie, KojAir
3 Pambdelurion Airport - Tilney 412,000 Air Wiwaxia, Tilney Aviation, SIster Airlines
4 Davidhill International Airport - Constance-Reid 305,000 Air Wiwaxia, Tilney Aviation, SIster Airlines
5 Ataraxia International Airport - Ataraxia City 301,000 Air Ataraxie, Air Wiwaxia, Sister Airlines, Tilney Aviation, WiwaxAir
6 Brillyard Airport - Verney 277,000 Air Wiwaxia, WiwaxAir, SIster Airlines
7 Pakuan International Airport - Pakuan, Pasundan-Padjadjaran 211,000 Air Wiwaxia, SuDjair, Air Ataraxie
8 Khaiwoon International Airport - Khaiwoon 209,000 Air Wiwaxia, DeltAir,
9 Stanleyville International Airport- Stanleyville, Ataraxia 180,000 Air Wiwaxia, WiwaxAir, Air Ataraxie
10 Taiago International Airport - Taiago, Brugas 171,000 DeltAir

Airline market share

Largest airlines at Wiwax-Pargiter International (Apr 2015 – Mar 2016)
Rank Airline Passengers Share
1 Air Wiwaxia 16,112,000 71.02%
2 WiwaxAir 1,819,000 8.02%
3 Tilney Aviation 1,409,000 6.21%
4 Sister Airlines 980,000 4.32%
5 Air Ataraxie 881,000 3.88%

Annual traffic

Traffic by calendar year
Passengers Change from previous year Aircraft operations Cargo
2014 21,712,688 Decrease0.83% 225,101 236,162,699
2015 22,929,444 Increase6.77% 246,424 251,420,438

Ground transportation

Wiwax-Pargiter International is served by an express airport train from the Opabinia Station in Wiwaxmouthe, as well as shuttle service from both the Opabinia and Great South Train Stations, as well as

Shuttle services, taxis, and buses

Airport direct bus service is available to and from the Opabinia and Great South Stations in Wiwaxmouthe as well as the Lasswade Station in Pargiter. WMX local buses to 218, 219 running between the Old Town and Empire as well as Pargiter Local Transport Authority bus B07 to Misselthwaite make stops outside Terminal 2. Shuttle services are also available from most major hotels in both Wiwaxmouthe and Pargiter. Taxis run on a fixed fee rather than meter.


Wiwax-Pargiter International is located at the Gamine Road exit from the W301 Pargiter Expressway.


The Airport Express runs trains every half hour direct between the airport and the Opabinia Station in Wiwaxmouthe. The train makes stops in all three terminals.

Other facilities