Wiwax Secular Humanism Society

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The Wiwax Secular Humanism Society was founded in 1899 by Elisabeth Jermine Jones. While a seminary student at Bathsheba Seminary of Royal Wiwax University, Jermine Jones' meetings with fellow students Vivian Manley and Aurora Wilde and their wide-ranging discussions encouraged her ultimately to leave the seminary and found the society. Although in the first year of the founding, Jermine Jones met some resistance from the establishment, by 1901 the society had nearly 1,200 members and enough funds to build the Pharoah Square building.

By 1922, the society had branches in all major cities of Wiwaxia, and by 1958, membership had outstripped that of the church. While membership levelled off in the late 1960s, some 43 percent of adult Wiwaxians were members, as compared to 12 percent for the church.

As of today, roughly 35 percent of adult Wiwaxians are members, although of those only some 5 percent are active.

The headquarters for the society are on Burgess Square [map] in Wiwaxmouthe.