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|area_sq_mi =   
|area_sq_mi =   
|percent_water =   
|percent_water =   
|population_census = [[File:Decrease.png]] 3,700,000
|population_census = [[File:Increase.png]] 3,700,000
|population_census_year = 2017
|population_census_year = 2017
|population_estimate =  
|population_estimate =  

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8, 54.594, 84.990
Republic of Zalivnia
Република Заливничка
FlagCoat of Arms
FlagCoat of arms
and largest city
Official languagesLivnian
 • Regional languagesTBD
Ethnic Groups
Livnian, TBD
GovernmentPresidential Republic
 • PresidentСава Аничић
 • Prime MinisterБојан Савић
 • President of the National AssemblyНикола Јановски
LegislatureНародна скупштина (ing. President of the National Assembly)
 • Total26,111.64 km2
 • Census (2017)Increase.png 3,700,000
 • Density141.7/km2
 • TotalIncrease.png TBD
 • Per capitaIncrease.png TBD
GDP (nominal)
 • TotalIncrease.png TBD
 • Per capitaIncrease.png TBD
HDI (2019)Increase 0.829
very high
TimezoneWUT +6
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.za

Zalivnia (Livnian: Заливничка / Zalivnička), officialy known as the Republic of Zalivnia (Livnian: Република Заливничка / Republika Zalivnička), is a sovereign country in the central part of Uletha. It is located in the geographical region known as Egalia. It is bordered by Meciara to the west, UL108g to the north, Litvania to the east, and has a shoreline on the Egalian Lake to the south. Through the Egalian Lake, Zalivnia shares a maritime border with Drabantia to the southeast, and Chira to the south and southwest. Zalivnia occupies a total of 26,111.64 square kilometers. It is home to about 3.7 million people.


The name, Заливничка / Zalivnička is directly derived from the longest and most important river in the country - the Livna. Za- is a common prefix for geographical features in the Livnian language, meaning 'following something', or sometimes 'behind something'. In this case, it could mean: 'Behind the Livna' or 'Following the Livna'. The suffix -čka is also common in the Livnian language, and could be interpreted as an adjective suffix for ownership, or type. To make it easier for foreigners to pronounce it, Заливничка has been Ingerified into Zalivnia.

The name for the river Livna / Ливна has unknown origins, on the other hand. Many suggest it is derived from a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, called casting. In Livnian, casting is translated to Ливењe / Livenje. However, the area was not known for mining when it was named, so this opinion is probably false. However, the word Ливење / Livenje could derive from the word Лити / Liti, which means pouring or flow. Because rivers flow from their source to their confluence, it could be derived from this word.




The country can be divided into the mountainous north, and the hilly and/or flat south. The highest point is TBD with an elevation of TBD. It is part of the Zlatigora Mountains, which span most of the mountains in the north. As the Egalian Lake get's nearer, the terrain becomes flatter, with some rolling hills. The east is a bit different, as well as the far north. Mountains also dominate the east, and span all the way south to the south-easternmost point of Zalivnia, creating a few cliffs, and the terrain becomes steeper. On the other hand, the far north is much flatter, where you can find the TBD Lake, the largest lake in the country, besides the Egalian Lake.

The longest river is the Livna, which gives Zalivnia it's name. It has it's source located in Meciara, flowing for about 45km, and entering Zalivnia, flowing for 345 kilometers towards the Egalian Lake, totaling to 390km.