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8, 54.594, 84.990
Republic of Zalivnia
Република Заливничка
FlagCoat of Arms
FlagCoat of arms
and largest city
Official languagesLivnian
 • Regional languagesTBD
Ethnic Groups
Livnian, TBD
GovernmentPresidential Republic
 • PresidentSava Aničić
 • Prime MinisterBojan Savić
 • President of the National AssemblyNikola Jevtić
LegislatureНародна скупштина (ing. President of the National Assembly)
 • Total26,111.64 km2
 • Census (2017)Increase.png 3,782,018
 • Density141.7/km2
 • TotalIncrease.png TBD
 • Per capitaIncrease.png TBD
GDP (nominal)
 • TotalIncrease.png TBD
 • Per capitaIncrease.png TBD
HDI (2019)Increase 0.829
very high
TimezoneWUT +6
Drives on theright

Zalivnia (Livnian: Заливничка / Zalivnička [zǎːɫiʋnit͡ʃka]), officialy known as the Republic of Zalivnia (Livnian: Република Заливничка / Republika Zalivnička), is a sovereign country in the central part of Uletha. It is located in the geographical region known as Egalia. It is bordered by UL108c to the west, UL108g to the north, Litvania to the east, and has a shoreline on the Egalian Lake to the south. Through the Egalian Lake, Zalivnia shares a maritime border with Drabantia to the southeast, and Chira to the south and southwest. Zalivnia occupies a total of 26,111.64 square kilometers. It is home to about 3.7 million people. Zalivnia is also part of the Egalian Union, being a founding member if it since 1983.


The name, Заливничка / Zalivnička is directly derived from the longest and most important river in the country - the Livna. Za- is a common prefix for geographical features in the Livnian language, meaning 'following something', or sometimes 'behind something'. In this case, it could mean: 'Behind the Livna' or 'Following the Livna'. The suffix -čka is also common in the Livnian language, and could be interpreted as an adjective suffix for ownership, or type. To make it easier for foreigners to pronounce it, Заливничка has been Ingerified into Zalivnia.

The name for the river Livna / Ливна has unknown origins, on the other hand. Many suggest it is derived from a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, called casting. In Livnian, casting is translated to Ливењe / Livenje. However, the area was not known for mining when it was named, so this opinion is probably false. However, the word Ливење / Livenje could derive from the word Лити / Liti, which means pouring or flow. Because rivers flow from their source to their confluence, it could be derived from this word.




Zalivnia is located at the crossroads between West and East Uletha, in the region known as Egalia. Most of the country is within the Egalian Basin. Zalivnia occupies a total of 26,111.64 square kilometers, making it the second smallest nation in the region, bigger only than Litvania. It has a total border lenght of XX km. Zalivnia's shores are entirelly on the Egalian Lake, with the total lenght of the shoreline estimated at xx kilometers. Zalivnia also includes the island of Zatižica to the southwest.

The country is equally divided between mountainous, hilly and flat. Much of the northern frontiers are consisted of the Zlatigora and Micheny Mountains, covered in dense boreal forests. The east is dominated by the XX Mountains. The southwest hosts the Devojačka Gora or Devojačka Mountain, which are often characterized as hills rather than mounhtains. The highest peak is XX with a height of 1xxx meters located on the Zlatigora Mountain.

The rest of the country is relativelly hilly, with the biggest plain being the Skroj Plain in the southeast, between the cities of Ulinje and Skroj. It is the most fertile plain in the country, and it is used almost exclusivelly for agricultural purposes. Agriculture can also be found in the hilly Krivaja Plain in the west, Livna Plain in the central parts, Livna - Tisnica Plain in the far north, the Lorava - Litra - Šumava (often called Žitna Dolina) in the east and the Ragutina - Markovac Plain in the north.


Zalivnia is the nation with the highest forest cover in Egalia so far with over 45% of the land covered in forests. It has 2 national parks, with another one opening up quite soon. The current national parks are Zlatigora and Devojačka Gora. It has a total of XXX protected areas in Zalivnia, encompasing about XX% of the total land. Much of the forests are located in the north, east and southwest. These are home to many different species of plants like the dredge, birch, poplar, fir and pine. Animals like deers, wolves, foxes and bears are common in Zalivnia. The rare albino chipmunks are mostly found in the further north, and during the cold season the North Ulethan Tiger can be seen wandering in the northernmost regions of Zalivnia. The Egalian Lake is rich with different fish species, mostly pike, catfish, hake and salmon. Probably the most notable one is the Egalian taimen, only found in the Egalian region.

Archeologists found many fossils throughout Zalivnia, proving that ancient dinosaurs and mamooths roamed through the lands of Zalivnia, as well as prehistoric humans with their traces left in various caves like the XX in east Zalivnia. About 170 different localizations have been found in Zalivnia, mostly coming from the Neolithic era around 5500 BC.


Zalivnia has a well-shaped and developed hydrological system found in every corner of the country. A total of 988 rivers can be found in Zalivnia, the most notable one being the Livna, traversing through the middle of the country north to south, 'cutting' the country in half. It's one of the longest rivers in Egalia, with a lenght of 505 kilometers (of which 280km is in Zalivnia). Other major rivers include Krivaja (being also the longest river flowing entirelly through Zalivnia), Skroj, Ragutina, Šumava, Litra and Lorava.

Zalivnia has by far more natural lakes than artifical ones, and besides the Egalian Lake, the only bigger lake in Zalivnia is Roguško Lake in the far north. Other significant natural lakes include Crno jezero (Black Lake), Vunac, Kopačin and the 5 ponds of Skroj. The largest artificial lake is the Lake Katovnica. The Egalian Lake is a vital connection to the rest of the region, as well as the rest of the world (through the Ina River). Zalivnia is home to one of the shallowest lake straits in the world. The Zatižica Strait is just 15m deep at the shallowest spot. The strait however is a major passageway for water transportation, as all cargo from ports east of it (Kolin, Odrava, Nikolovac, Varvent, Skroj, Ćiśka) has to go through the strait.

There are many wetlands as well, including the majestic Čarnograd wetland, a gem of Zalivnia, which is also a protected area. Other wetlands include the Kopačin, Vunac and the Krvopoja wetlands around the Livna estuary.





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