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Old discussion archive (pre-2021)

Forums: Index Archive

This forum is for an archive of select prior discussions that took place on the wiki before server migration (August 2021). Much of the content contained herein is depreciated, superseded, or otherwise outdated. At the same time, some important discussions have taken place regarding major parts of OGF canon. Search the forums

Old discussion archive (pre-2021)
Topic Last edit
Climate01:25, 28 February 2022
Wars and conflicts01:20, 28 February 2022
Bodies of water01:14, 28 February 2022
Oceanography01:14, 28 February 2022
Country codes01:02, 28 February 2022
German homelands00:54, 28 February 2022
Various Christicism discussions00:48, 28 February 2022
2016 Pax Nova Games00:32, 28 February 2022