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University of Lutang Panikasay and environs, Bagong Bandila, Flag with question mark.svg Lutang. Created by Lemuria.

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  • The Hotel Mariette is the perfect place to stay for those visiting the old city of Nikolovac, Mallyorianflag.png Mallyore. It sits right near the central square and features the shopping along the street Jakovljeva.
  • If you're visiting Maka, be sure to relax in the sun on a day trip to the isolated and ecologically diverse island of Runa.
  • The Cook Hot Springs Hotel and Spa, located in Cook Springs, ClamashFlag.png Clamash, is a beautiful place to relax by soaking in one of the many natural hot spring pools or enjoying a massage at Mountain Vistas Spa.


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Did you know that there are over thirty collaborative projects currently open to mappers? There are projects based on real-world themes to more unique endeavors. To get involved, simply find the project you would like to participate in and contact the coordinator. Working in a collab is a fun way to do something different, work with other mappers, and help develop our world even further.

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The wiki is more than a hub of collaborative projects; it is an encyclopedia that describes and showcases our world. New users may request a wiki account and participate in the forums. Users that have begun mapping a non-beginner territory or significantly contributed to a collaborative project are granted fuller access. Before contributing, please read the guidelines. New and experienced users alike are encouraged to make nominations for the featured showcases on the wiki's main page.

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