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OpenGeofiction (OGF) is a collaborative platform for creating fictional maps. OpenGeofiction's dynamic community of hobbyists comes from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, occupations, and ages. We are a community of mappers that uses our knowledge, experience, and imagination to craft a fictional world, set in modern times and with an emphasis on realism. Our world is not a planet with fantastical or science-fiction elements, like orcs, elves, or aliens. Rather, it features power plants, motorways, and housing projects juxtaposed with picturesque old towns, beautiful national parks, and lonely beaches.

OpenGeofiction was originally started by Thilo Stapff thilo and Johannes Bouchain joschi81 as an experiment based on the software of the OpenStreetMap® project. Servers are presently maintained by the user Luciano. Because our site is based on the OpenStreetMap® software platform, all map editors and other tools suitable for OpenStreetMap® may be used to build this fictional world. Correspondingly, OpenGeofiction contains open data that you are free to use within the parameters of the site license. Please see the copyright and license page for further details.

All users, user data, and services of OpenGeofiction are subject to the site policies, terms of use, and contributor terms.

We are a hobbyist site of persons in free association. Hosting is supported by our members.

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