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Federal States of Archanta
Federal States
Flag of the Federal States

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"Semper Libertas"
Liberty Forever
CapitalHuntington, C.P.
Largest cityStanton
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Castellanese, Native Archantan Languages
DemonymEffesian, Archantan
GovernmentFederal Republic
 • PresidentEdith Elric
 • Vice-PresidentJohn Doe
LegislatureCongress of the Federal States
 • Upper houseSenate of the Federal States
 • Lower houseGeneral Assembly of the Federal States
 • Total3,487,000 km2
1,346,000 sq mi
CurrencyFederal States Dollar ($) (FSD)

The Federal States of Archanta (abbreviated as FSA), more commonly known as the Federal States (abbreviated as FS) is a country in southern Archanta. It consists of XX states, one Capital District, and XX overseas territories. It spans 1.3 million square miles (3.5 million square kilometers), making it one of the largest countries in the world. It borders Ardencia and Deodeca to the south and south-west, AR027 to the north, and Randalia and Unesia to the north-east. The capital is Huntington, C.P., and its largest city is Stanton (???).






The Federal States, on the highest level, is divided into numerous states and overseas territories, and one capital district. Each subdivision holds administrative jurisdiction over a pre-defined territory, and the federal government devolves certain responsibilities to the governments of the subdivisions. Every state is further divided into counties, districts, regions, and municipalities.

Each state and the capital district sends a set number of representatives to the Congress of the Federal States, based on population. Overseas territories such as Arecales do not have voting representatives in the Senate, but can send observer delegates to the General Assembly.

The administration and status Native Archantan lands varies from state to state, but are not recognised by the federal government as equal subdivisions to states.

Overseas Territory
Capital District
Subdivisions of the Federal States
Name Code Capital City Largest City Population Total Area in mi² (km²) Land Area in mi² (km²) Map
Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen AL Alamar Andreapolis 17,500,000 159,309 (412,608) 147,686 (382,504) Map
Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland AW Silverdale Silverdale 362,486 7,856 (20,345) Map
Flag of Arecales.png Arecales AR Arecales Town Arecales Town 20,567 (53,268) 759 (1,967) Map
AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia AS Hope Harbor Newport 6,278 (16,261) 3,933 (10,185) Map
Template:Atascadera AT 31,913 (82,653) 29,617 (76,708) Map
Template:Huntington CP Huntington, C.P. Huntington, C.P. 352 (919) Map
ClamashFlag.png Clamash CL Clifford Wahanta 2,059,342 38,431 (99,536) 37,641 (97,489) Map
Template:Cosperica CO Sta.Maria de la Esperanza 113,274 (293,377) 97,743 (253,152) Map
Unknown Flag.png East Massodeya EM Casparis 35,889 (92,952) Map
Template:Eustacia EU Hazelboro Hazelboro 29,288 (75,855) ** Map
Template:Fellshire FL Fulton Meyersburg 27,225 (70,513) ** Map
Template:Gnaerey GY South Minneauka South Minneauka 22,960 (59,467) Map
Template:Hyde HY Worthington Worthington 1,432,784 4,102 (10,624) ** Map
Illuvia Flag V2.svg Illuvia IL Armot Armot 3,312,047 15,821(40,977) Map
Flag of Iroquesia.png Iroquesia IR Finch Hill Finch Hill 13,280 (34,396) 12,254 (31,738) Map
Flag of Laine.png Laine LN Hálison Orterrado 8,946 (23,169) ** Map
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska MK Marksville Ohunkagan 4,000,000 12,477 (32,316) 6,842 (17,721) Map
Mennowa Flag revised.svg Mennowa ME Fort Constable Minneuka 44,329 (114,812) 44,203 (114,485) Map
Unknown Flag.png Michisaukee MC Darsons Massodeya City 39,122 (101,326) Map
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan MN Thomasford Lake City 6,038,442 18,444 (47,769) 16,646 (43,114) Map
Unknown Flag.png New Carnaby NC Waltmore Stanton 35,724 (92,526) ** Map
Template:Nahuwa Atoll NH 893 (2,286) ** Map
Flag of Oakley.png Oakley OA Fallport Hartport 3,000,000 2,574 (6,666) 2,174 (5,626) Map
Ogdalenflag.png Ogdalen OG Adamsville Adamsville 2,500,000 Map
Opelika OP Cumberland Richardsport Map
4 FSA OrangeCoast.png Orange Coast OC Bronson City San Bruno 5,452 (14,121) 4,194 (10,863) Map
Penquisset Flag.jpg Penquisset PQ Newburyport Warwick 6,643,201 3,015 (7,810) ** Map
New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos RS Colurona Swansonville 7,830,000 29,138 (75,466) Map
Template:Ruppacke RP Hammond Dunchurch 6,986 (18,095) 6,274 (16,248) Map
Template:Seneppi SN Personsboro Wallawaukee 4,072,877 19,068 (49,385) ** Map
Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra SA Elvira Dennison 3,700,000 52,480 (135,921) Map
Template:Tauhon TA Jundah 10,489,220 29,204 (75,638) 25,346 (65,646) Map
Tempache flag.png Tempache TM San Pablo Los Reyes 6,796,240 37,135 (96,180) 32,977 (85,409) Map
FlagTennewa.png Tennewa TE Chottane Barstone 1,779,491 ** Map
WM flag.png West Massodeya WM Caldwell City Caldwell City 46,926 (121,538) Map
Whitestoneflag.png Whitestone WH Eveleigh Eveleigh 1,138,278 3,231 (8,368) 2,536 (6,569) Map
WisecotaFlag.png Wisecota WI 13,825 (35,807) ** Map
WY State flag.svg Wychelle WY Cheviot Nenova 960,000 17,743 (45,955) Map
Minara-Flag.png Zakahigan ZH Plainsburgh Maquadena 20,938 (54,229) ** Map

Government and Politics

The Federal States Government is divided into three branches - Legislative, Executive, and Judicial - each independent and serving a different purpose. Furthermore, the government's responsibilities are divided into three levels: federal, state, and local. Each of the levels has their own Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches.

The influencing of one branch of government on another is prohibited by the Constitution, to preserve the checks and balances it establishes.

The actions each part of the government is permitted to make is governed by the Constitution of the Federal States. It has been amended several times, to accommodate various social, political, and economic changes in the world and the FSA. The Constitution distributes the responsibilities of governance to each branch and level of government.

The Federal States is an indirect democracy, meaning delegates are elected into government offices to vote on bills that become law, instead of holding public referenda. Each Federal State is divided into a number of electoral districts, divided by population, that elects members of Congress, and the President. The President has the power to appoint judges to the High Court of the Federal States (subject to review by Congress), and Congress has the power to remove judges who are deemed unfit for service in the High Court.

The bodies making up each branch of the Federal States federal government are:

  • Legislative: The bicameral Congress of the Federal States, comprised of the General Assembly and Senate, creates bills that become Federal Laws and amends or removes Federal Laws that already exist.
  • Executive: The President is the Head of State, as well as Commander-in-Chief of the Federal States Military. The President executes and enforces Federal Laws, and to that end appoints their cabinet, as well as the heads of various government agencies. On lower levels of government, this branch is fulfilled by State Governors, their cabinets, and agencies. Policing forces on all levels of government also fall under the Executive Branch.
  • Judicial: The High Court has the highest judicial jurisdiction of the Federal States, and it determines the practical interpretation of Federal Law. The High Court also has the power to determine the constitutionality, and thus the legality, of certain Federal Laws. On lower levels of government, the states have their own highest courts, who may interpret State Law similarly.

The General Assembly is elected by popular vote, and each state is delegated a number of seats in the Assembly according to population. The Senate is also elected by popular vote, and each state is delegated [number] of seats, regardless of population.

Foreign Relations

The Federal States has an established system of foreign relations. It hosts numerous embassies of nations around the world in Huntington, C.P., and maintains embassies in many countries around the world. Several countries have additional consulates elsewhere throughout the Federal States.

Diplomatic Missions of the Federal States
Embassies of other countries in the Federal States Embassies of the Federal States in other countries
Country (Represented by) Location Country (Represented by) Location
FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Map FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Map
DrapeauCAB.svg Cabelia (through Freedemia) Map DrapeauCAB.svg Cabelia Map

The Federal States is heavily involved in international politics, and its international presence is not limited to participation in the Assembly of Nations.


The Federal States is a highly advanced and well-developed economy, featuring a high level of globalization in trade.


Science and Technology







The people of the Federal States speak a wide array of languages, though the official language and language of governance on the federal level is Ingerish. On the state level, Franquese and Castellanese are other languages used in an official manner by various states.

Additionally, many Native Archantan languages are spoken by various indigenous people groups across the country.

A majority of the population of the Federal States is able to converse in Ingerish, and an even larger majority can speak Ingerish, Castellanese, or Franquese. The Franquese-speaking regions of the Federal States are mostly situated in regions near Ardencia, in states Nishowigan, [more list]. Castellanese-speaking regions are generally found in states west of the Alormen River, in states like [list].

In Nishowigan, and [more list], Franquese-language schools are part of the public education system, and governmental services and institutions are available in Franquese.




The Federal States maintains a vast network of highways crossing the country, allowing its citizens and businesses to cover great distances in shorter amounts of time. The Federal States Defense and Commerce Motorway Network is a nationwide system of motorways and the centerpiece of its roadway network. These high-speed, limited-access roads connect all regions and most states from coast to coast and border to border.





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