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Maquadena, officially the City of Maquadena and Bear County, is the largest and most populous municipality in Zakahigan.

Basic Information
Data Description
City Population 906,169
Metro Population 2,746,191
Land Area 439 sqmi (1,137 sqkm)
Density 2,064 ppsm (797 ppsk)


The City of Maquadena is merged with Bear County, and the city-county splits its functions between its two tiers. The local legislature operates in a two-tier manor, in which there are 15 Common Council members and 4 County Commissioners (with the weak mayor serving as a tie-breaking commissioner). The executive official is the mayor. In Maquadena, the mayor operates in a weak mayor-council hybrid government.

Maquadena-Bear County is an entirely separate jurisdiction from Maquadena County, the county containing all of the city's in-state suburbs.


The Maquadena metropolitan area is home to multiple companies, especially those related to food and agriculture. Two examples include Empire Soup Company and Golden Grains Cereal.

Just west of Maquadena is an airplane manufacturing plant.


Maquadena is home to multiple universities, like Maquadena Technological University, the University of Maquadena, and Southern Zakahigan State University.

Universities and Colleges
name mission headcount
Maquadena Technological University engineering, technology, business
Southern Zakahigan State University arts, media, social studies
Maquadena Health and Science University the only medical school in the state
Zakahigan State University, Southwest branch of the state's university system
Maquadena Community College city community college system
University of Maquadena small religious university
Pemberton College small women's university
Primary and Secondary Schools
district mission # of schools
Maquadena Consolidated Public Schools public school district, serving the city
Maquadena County Unified School District public school district, serving the suburbs
The Diocese of Southern Zakahigan religious school system

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