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Maquadena, officially the City of Maquadena and Bear County, is the largest and most populous municipality in Zakahigan.

Basic Information
Data Description
Population 875,000
Land Area 410 sqmi (1,060 sqkm)
Density 2,134 ppsm (824 ppsk)


The City of Maquadena is coterminous with Bear County, and the two entities split their functions among the municipality. The local legislature operates in a two-tier manor, in which there are 15 Common Council members and 4 County Commissioners (with the weak mayor serving as a tie-breaking commissioner). The executive official is the mayor. In Maquadena, the mayor operates in a weak mayor-council hybrid government.


We make soup, airplanes, and cereal.


Maquadena is home to multiple universities, like Maquadena Technological University, the University of Maquadena, and Southern Zakahigan State University.

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