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Flag of Wychelle State of Wychelle

Capital: Cheviot
Population: 1,560,000 (2020)
Motto: "Per Deum, Bene valemus" ("Through God, we are well")

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Wychelle, officially the State of Wychelle, is a state of the Federal States. Bounded on the east by the Akogama River, the state is known for its prairie landscape. The state borders Tennewa to the east, Clamash to the west, Riopoderos to the north, and AR120-47 to the south. Wychelle is over 17,500 square miles in area with a population of over 1.5 million. The capital is Cheviot, located 70 kilometers from the largest city, Nenova.

The state capital Cheviot is a mid-sized city that sits on the Esbon River in southwestern Namara County. It houses the state's governmental institutes and the Wychelle Air Guard at George Benning Airport.

Nenova, the largest city, is located in the far southeastern corner of the state, sitting across the river from Barstone. Many of the city's infrastructure is shared between neighbouring Barstone including the airport.

Kosahee, a small town, is home to the state university, the University of Wychelle.

Other important population centers include Geoghan, Edenglassie, Topinder, and Gelder.




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Administrative divisions

List of counties

Wychelle is divided into 26 counties.

Counties of Wychelle
County Name County Seat Population Area (km²) Area (mi²) Number of townships
Colsex County Nenova 626.33 241.83 9
Okomeheso County Pilgrim 1,344.66 519.18
Garabedian County Garabedian 2,205.59 851.58
Manaho County Paquin Springs 1,743.48 673.16
Arrowhead County Balrowie 2,614.63 1009.52
Bassett County Gelder 1,528.46 590.14
McTerry County Eileen 1,476.66 570.14
Namara County Cheviot 1,484.32 573.10
Artons County Artonsville 2,096.54 809.48
Bosatche County Botanne 1,493.29 576.56
Adrian County Balhannah 1,521.90 587.61
Strahan County Cadastral 2,452.58 946.95
Bengowe County Sagesse 1,425.93 550.56
Paisley County TBD 1,843.63 711.83
Bijou County Hospenakho 1,551.61 599.08
Gainsborough County TBD 1,190.27 459.56
Whickiup County Spirit 1,636.96 632.03
Sachem County TBD 1,385.60 534.98
Talley County Goslington 1,176.88 454.40
Gilman County Blackwood 1,434.02 553.68
Dolarhyde County Dolarhyde 1,381.50 533.40
Aurelia County Geoghan 1,472.92 568.70
Prahlow County TBD 2,497.92 964.45 *
Short Cedar County Elkridge Springs 1,769.61 683.25
Park County Topinder 4,243.48 1,638.42
Fairplay County Edenglassie 2,398.78 926.18
List of muncipalities




The rock band Chelle was formed in the state capitol of Cheviot, the hometown of all the band members

Ben Hurston, singer for the rock band Mondura, was born in Nenova

The state anthem, "Prairie Bells" was written by Percy O'Sullivan in 1905.





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