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Flag of Tempache State of Tempache

Capital: San Pablo
Population: 6,796,240 (2020)
Motto: "Omnes Nos Can Operor Illud"
("We All Can Do It")

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Tempache is a state in the Far Northwest Region of the Federal States. Its capital is San Pablo. Its largest city is Los Reyes, and its largest metro is Los Reyes Metropolitan Area. With the exception of the coastal areas and Tesoro Metro area, the state is a mostly sparsely populated desert. It is bordered by Cosperica to the west, Costa Dorada to the east, and Atascadera and Alcortez to the south.



The central region of the state is home to the Aguero Desert, featuring the unique Aguero Cactus. The desert features hot and dry weather all year long, with warm winters and very hot summers, making Tesoro the hottest city in the FSA. The coastal regions are more temperate, and semi arid. The northeast region of the state features the Unnamed Desert, also hot and dry. Southern Tempache is cooler in its higher elevations.

Mountain Ranges


Political Divisions


Los Reyes has 14 counties. In alphabetical order, they are Aguero, Baker, Clark, Chapparral, Cosperica, Dennis, Kateri, Kronkyte, Manara, Papago, Santa Raquel, Stanford, Tesoro, and Yucca.


Largest cities in Tempache

Rank Name County Population Land area (miles squared)
1 Los Reyes Chapparral County 819,274 TBD
2 Tesoro Tesoro County 269,719 TBD
3 Lucas Chapparral County 198,784 TBD
4 Woodridge Chapparral County 109,285 TBD
5 San Pablo Chapparral County 86,848 TBD
6 Hermosa Park Chapparral County 49,859 TBD
7 Dula Dennis County 46,785 TBD
8 Holliday Tesoro County 40,176 TBD
9 Cable Chapparral County 35,295 TBD
10 Prima Vera Chapparral County 37,377 TBD
11 Fairview Chapparral County 35,491 TBD
12 Costa Mesa Chapparral County 35,155 TBD
13 Santa Lena Papago County 31,904 TBD


File:Tm shield standard.png
The standard Tempache state route marker
State route marker for freeways
File:Tm shield wide.png
State route marker for 3-digit roads
File:Tm shield secondary.png
State route marker used for secondary routes

List of Roads in Tempache

Federal Routes

Tempache has 3 mainline FS routes and 2 auxiliary routes.

FS-99: from state border with Cosperica to FS-90

FS-91: from state border with -82 to FS-99 in Los Reyes

FS-90: from state border with Cosperica to state border with Costa Dorada

FS-999: from FS-90 near Woodridge to FS-91 in San Pablo

State Routes

The Tempache State Route system was established in 1934. The "SR xx" reference tag is used. Alternate routes or old routes are "SR xxA". Business Routes are "SR xx;BUS". Standard state routes use numbers 10-499.

State routes are coded by number for each region of the state. The route with the repeating number in each region (11, 22, 33, etc) is the primary route for the region.

SR 1x: Northeastern region, SR 11 runs along the coast and connects Los Reyes to the northern beach cities.

SR 2x: Northwestern region, SR 22 connects Santa Lena to Tesoro. The former alignment continued south into Atascadera towards Jundah. This portion has been bypassed by FS-91.

SR 3x: West Central region, SR 33 connects Los Reyes to Tesoro. In Tesoro, the route makes a western turn through Los Alegres. This route and has largely been bypassed by FS-91.

SR 4x: North central region, SR 44 connects the eastern Los Reyes Suburbs to Camelback, and then into Cosperica. This route has largely been bypassed by FS-90.

SR 5x: Southern Los Reyes region, SR 55 connects Los Reyes to Dula, and then continues south towards Dennison. This is the busiest state route.

SR 6x: Los Reyes area routes, SR 66 goes from Los Reyes northwest along the coast. This route has largely been bypassed by FS-99.

SR 7x: East central region, SR 77 connects Los Reyes with state parks in central Tempache.

SR 8x: Southeast region, SR 88 connects Dula to Tesoro, and carries a lot of truck traffic headed into Cosperica.

SR 9x: Southwest/Tesoro region, SR 95 (99 is not used as it is a FS route) runs along the southern portion of the state as the Southern Tempache Highway.

Tempache Freeway Tax Act

In 1991, the Tempache Freeway Act was passed, adding a new tax to fund new freeway-quality state routes to be built and maintained throughout Tempache, mostly in the Los Reyes metro area. Routes that are funded by this tax are marked with a blue shield. New loop routes are designated to use numbers 500-599, but have been using the 5x5 format with the middle number increasing (ex. 515, 525).

Secondary and Tertiary State Routes

Tempache Secondary State routes use numbers 600-899. These roads are not heavily traveled, but they are all lined and paved. They are mostly used to connect smaller towns to major roads. They are also used to mark former alignments of major routes.

Tempache Tertiary state routes use numbers 900+. These roads are technically part of the state highway system, but are usually maintained by local governments.

Other Transportation

Major Airports

  • Los Reyes Valdez International Airport (LRV)
  • Tesoro International Airport (TSO)
  • San Pablo Hershberger Airport (SPH)


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