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State of Ogdalen
"Libertas Maxime (Liberty Above All)"

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Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
DemonymOgdalenite, Ogdalenian
 • GovernorJacob Skinner
 • Lt. GovernorCasey Adams
 • Estimate2,500,000
HDI (2020)0.903
very high
TimezoneWUT +10

Ogdalen (/oʊg'dɑlɪn/), officialy the State of Ogdalen, is a state in the Northeastern Federal States. With a population of 2,500,000 as of 2020, it is the __ largest state by population in the nation. It is bordered by Eustacia to the east, Wilthamshire to the south, Michisaukee to the west, and Randalia to the north. Its capital and largest city is Adamsville. Other major cities include Graggville, Morganton, and Casper. It is one of the poorest, but most culturally rich states.

In pre-colonial times, Ogdalen was inhabited by several indigenous groups, including the ___. In the ___s, it was settled by the Ingerish, however, due to its backcountry location, it was never settled to the extent as the coast. When the colonies became independent, Ogdalen was part of Eustacia, however on _____, it gained statehood, becoming one of the first new states formed after independence. Historically, Ogdalen's economy was based on agriculture, however, after slavery was abolished, it became a hub for manufacturing, especially automobiles, and it became the most industrialized northeastern state. Today, food production is also a major industry. Ogdalen has been influential on the development of several different music genres, including country, jazz, blues, and rock.

Ogdalen has diverse geography. In the north, along the border with Randalia, are the ___ mountains, which are a heavily eroded and forested mountain range. In the west are the ___ mountains, which are part of the (Eastern Mountain Range), which consist of alternating ridges and valleys. This area has many plateaus with karst geology, with many caves, canyons, and waterfalls.

Biggest Cities in Ogdalen
Rank Name Population
1 Adamsville 354,575
2 Graggville 152,320
3 Morganton 105,664
4 Casper 78,405
5 West Adamsville 69,134


The name of Ogdalen derives from the Cherokee village of ᎣᏓᎸ (o-da-lv), meaning something along the lines of mountain, which most likely referred to a village near present day Graggville, on the Cholotka River. The name was first found on maps around 1720, but was used to refer to the whole area around 1750. In 1765, the Ogdalen County was created in eastern Eustacia, and in 1771, the Ogdalen territory was created from the eastern part of Eustacia.