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OGFmapicon.png 34.3648°S, 159.6582°E
CountryFederal States
 • StateOgdalen
 • CountyAdams
 • Census (2020)357,543

Adamsville is the capital and largest city of the F.S. State of Ogdalen, and the seat of Adams county. With a population of 357,543 as of 2020, it is the ___th largest in the nation. It is the center of the Adamsville Metropolitan Area, with around 1.4 million people, which is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.

Adamsville was founded in 1772 on the banks of the Cholotka River. It was named for Fort Adams, which was named after explorer Henry Adams. The city quickly grew as it was the uppermost navigable city on the river upstream from Lake Fisher. In 1802, it was named the state capital of Ogdalen, replacing Morganton. After slavery was abolished, it became the most industrialized city in the northeast.

Today, it is a major center for the music industry, especially country and hip-hop. Other important industries include food distribution and manufacturing, automobile assembly, healthcare, and technology. Major corporations headquartered in or near the city include Archantana Records, Cybus, Musician's Center, Myriad Health, and Winstons. It is home to many colleges and universities, including Evergreen University, which is consistently ranked in the top 25 schools in the nation.



Downtown Adamsville is located on the east bank of the Cholotka River, in the Ogdalen Piedmont, around 5 miles below the fall line. The majority of the city lies on the east side of the river, however there are small areas on the west side. Adamsville takes up the majority of Adams County. Downtown Adamsville lies at an elevation of 569 feet above sea level. Adamsville is located about 10 miles from Mentone, 16 miles from Summit, 38 miles from Morganton, and 45 miles from Graggville.


Adamsville is divided into many neighborhoods. Downtown Adamsville contains most of the high rises in the city, and many cultural and historical attractions, including Fort Adams State Park. Music Square, just to the north of downtown, is home to the center of Adamsville's music industry. To the southeast of downtown is Ogdalen Yards, known colloquially as The Yards, which is a gentrified industrial area next to the railroad with many upscale hotels, apartments, and shops. North of downtown, above Broad Street, is the Medical District, which is home to many of the city's hospitals and clinics.

East of The Yards and FS-370 is Uptown, which is home to Evergreen University. To the south of Downtown and Uptown are the neighborhoods of Myrtle Park, Kalmish Garden, and Blossomdale, which are home to the majority of the city's black population. To the west of uptown is the affluent residential Abbottson neighborhood.

To the west of OG-11 and between the Old Xylopolis Highway and FS-__ is an area known by locals as "The Slice". It consists of affluent white suburbs and is the richest in the city. It is named The Slice as it "takes a slice" out of the poorer, mainly minority neighborhoods to the east and north. In the heart of The Slice is the Stapleton Neighborhood, which contains a large business area where many companies are headquartered and has the largest mall in all of the northeast, the Stapleton Mall. The Slice continues south outside of Adamsville to the suburbs of Wedgewood and Summit.