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The states of the Federal States are a constituent political entity within the country and shares sovereignty with the federal government. As the country expanded and grew, new states were added to the union. This page provides a snapshot overview of some of the states.

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To include a state below, please use {{Snapshot FS state}}. Note that there are required elements for the template to ensure a minimum amount of information (name, flag, region, capital, postal code, etc.). Information about required parameters may be found on the template page. Then, be sure to add the state to the table of contents manually. All states must appear in alphabetical order.

Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen
Region: AlormenCapital: AlamarPopulation: 17,500,000 (2020)
Statehood: 1809
Etymology: Purported to derive from Mare Calermenones, loosely rendered as "the sea that appears to be warm"
Postal code: AL
State motto: Go big or go home
Largest city: Andreapolis
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: WM flag.png West Massodeya
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Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland
Region: The WestCapital: SilverdalePopulation: 362,486 (2020)
Etymology: Portmanteau of Rakhoda 'aŋpawi' (sun) and English '-land' (Land of the Sun)
Demonym: Apawi
Postal code: AW
State motto: "Deus in omnibus." ("God in All of Us.")
Largest city: Silverdale
Other population centers: Gainesboro
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos, Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra
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ClamashFlag.png Clamash
Region: The WestCapital: CliffordPopulation: 2,059,342 (2020)
Statehood: 1866
Etymology: Clamash River
Demonym: Clamashegian
Postal code: CL
State motto: Your Next Adventure
Largest city: Wahanta
Other population centers: Cook Springs, Dunlap, Gantiac, Saunebago
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos, Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra, Tauhon, AR120-46, AR120-47, Peralia (Deodeca), AR060-09 (Deodeca), AR060-11 (Deodeca)
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Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska
Region: HeartlandCapital: MarksvillePopulation: 4,732,580 (2020)
Etymology: Rakhoda phrase "maka ska" ("white earth")Postal code: MK
State motto: "Au sein des eaux claires et neiges blanches, prospérité." ("Amidst clear waters and white snows, prosperity.")
Largest city: Ohunkagan
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: WisecotaFlag.png Wisecota, Minara-Flag.png Zakahigan
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Mennowa Flag revised.svg Mennowa
Region: HeartlandCapital: Fort ConstablePopulation: 7,894,321 (2021)
Statehood: 1811
Etymology: Mennowee peoples
Demonym: Mennowan
Postal code: ME
State motto: "Fortiter et fideliter" ("Bravely and faithfully")
State song: "On the Rivers of that Beautiful Prairie"
Largest city: Minneuka
Other population centers: Des Nonnes, New Harmony, and Prairie City
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Gnaerey, FlagTennewa.png Tennewa, WM flag.png West Massodeya, Minara-Flag.png Zakahigan
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Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan
Region: West LakesCapital: ThomasfordPopulation: 6,038,442 (2020)
Statehood: 1818
Etymology: "mino" (pleasant) + "onigam" (portage)
Demonym: Minnonigonian
Postal code: MN
State motto: "Great places, open spaces, and smiling faces"
Largest city: Lake City
Other population centers: Ondassagam, Barre Harbor, Brenton, Gleason
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Iroquesia
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Unknown Flag.png Michisaukee
Region: MassodeyasCapital: DarsonsPopulation: ~4,500,000
Statehood: ~1800
Etymology: Open Land
Demonym: Michikeener
Postal code: MC
State motto: From the river to the hills
Largest city: Massodeya City
Other population centers: Darsons, Manakato, Genutec
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Ogdalen,Wilthamshire, AR120-08, AR120-35, East Massodeya, Gelesia (Randalia)
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Ogdalenflag.png Ogdalen
Region: NortheastCapital: AdamsvillePopulation: 3,500,000
Statehood: 1773
Etymology: The name of a Cherokee Village which meant "Mountain"
Demonym: Ogdalenite
Postal code: OG
State motto: "Libertas Maxime" (Liberty Above All)
State song: Ogdalen, Our Home
Largest city: Adamsville
Other population centers: Graggville, Morganton, Casper
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Eustacia, Connesee, Michisaukee
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Penquisset Flag.jpg Penquisset
Region: SoutheastCapital: WarwickPopulation: 6,524,249 (2020)
Statehood: 1810 (Split from Ruppacke)
Etymology: From indigenous population, Pinqiset. Likely derived from the word Pinqi, meaning "Sea", and "Et", meaning "Village". Often translated as "Village by the Sea" or "The Village graced by Navigation".
Demonym: Penquot
Postal code: PQ
State motto: Venture origin
State song: Incandescence
Largest city: Warwick
Other population centers: Duxbury, Woodhaven, Beacon, Newburyport
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Ruppacke, New Carnaby
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New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos
Region: The WestCapital: ColuronaPopulation: 2,874,000 (2021)
Statehood: 1822
Etymology: Poa'ku'iwo peoples
Demonym: Riopoderan
Postal code: RS
State motto: "Across the mountains and plain, we find ourselves."
State song: "Across The Mountains and Plain"
Largest city: Swansonville
Other population centers: Las Animas, Porte Springs
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra, ClamashFlag.png Clamash, FlagTennewa.png Tennewa, WY State flag.svg Wychelle, AR120-42
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Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra
Region: The WestCapital: ElviraPopulation: ~2,500,000
Statehood: 1872
Etymology: Mountain range, Castellanese
Demonym: Sierran
Postal code: SR
State motto: Totum Mundi (a whole new world)
State song: "From the Mountains to the Seas, Sierra Tis of Thee" (1912), "Mi Sierra Bonita" (trad.)
Largest city: Dennison
Other population centers: Lola, Chapman
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF map (no relation defined)Neighboring states: Alcortez, Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland, Template:Atascadera, ClamashFlag.png Clamash, New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos, Template:Tauhon, AR120-73
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Tempache flag.png Tempache
Region: NorthwestCapital: San PabloPopulation: 6,796,240 (2020)
Etymology: Unknown
Demonym: Tempachian
Postal code: TM
State motto: "Omnes Nos Can Operor Illud" ("We All Can Do It")
Largest city: Los Reyes
Other population centers: Asperic Beach, Dula, Tesoro
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Alcortez, Atascadera, Cosperica
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WM flag.png West Massodeya
Region: MassodeyasCapital: Caldwell CityPopulation: 3,456,987 (2021)
Statehood: 1805
Etymology: Massodeya River
Demonym: (West) Massodeyan
Postal code: WM
State motto: "United and Free"
State song: "Under Open Skies"
Largest city: Caldwell City
Other population centers: Reeseport, Fort Graham
OGFmapicon.png View on the OGF mapNeighboring states: Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen, Gnaerey, Mennowa Flag revised.svg Mennowa
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