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Flag of Illuvia State of Illuvia

Capital: Armot
Population: 3,312,047 (2020)
Motto: Everything Except You
Song: Illuvia My Home

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Illuvia, officially the State of Illuvia is a state in the western Federal States. The western border of Illuvia is the province of Nawagan in Deodeca. To the northwest Clamash, the north Wychelle, the northeast Tennewa, the east AR120-52, the southeast Iroquesia, and the south Minnonigan.
The most well known thing about Illuvia is its history. It was The eastern half was founded in 1834. In 1842, the Federal States purchased the territory of Clamash in the Clamash Purchase. The state of Clamash founded in 1866, leaving the lower fourth the new territory of Wahauja. Wahauja Territory sought to become its own state, but it did not have the population required. Wahauja officials requested for Illuvia to merge, and Illuvia and Wahauja Territory merged in 1869.
Illuvia's largest city is Armot, the capital. Other large cities include Spencer, Micksbourough, Gleason, [City where Dos Rios is], [City where Ingram Junction is], and Crinxton.

Illuvia's economy is mostly rural focused agriculture and mining. The eastern half of Illuvia is more densely populated. Crops are commonly grown here. Western Illuvia is more rural and spaced apart until the more dense southwest. Crops are grown here, but there is also a larger amount of cattle grazing. Central Illuvia is mining focused, and there are many strip mines and underground mines. The second industry in the center is tourism, with the pristine hills creating opportunities for reclusive communities and getaways, and light scale skiing. Other large parts of the Illuvian economy include the Insurance and Chemical businesses, as well as manufacturing of general goods.


Illuvia highway shield


Illuvia's road numbers are laid out on this Padlet. It includes all current road numbers of Illuvia and it's counties

-- Highways --

Illuvia has three classifications of roadway: Freeway, Primary, and Secondary. The Freeway classification includes all roadways that are almost entirely controlled access, such as an FS Motorway or a controlled access IL highway. Primary roads are those which are an important connector between towns and cities. This includes almost all four lane highways such as IL 8. Secondary includes all other roadways that are state owned, such as IL 88.

Highways in the 900s range are highways that are made from other split or discontinued highways, but the roadway either has too much significance or they don't want to transfer it to the county for some reason.

All of Illuvia's counties have at least one roads zone. These zones are portions of the county that have their roads managed by a separate director of transport. The county routes or highways start off with a one or two letter code, then a number. Counties can have one, such as Old County - Terrace (T), or multiple such as Bradlen County - Bradlen (BR) / Crinxton (CX) / Rivador (R). These roads departments are paid for out of separate tax groups.

-- Speed Limits --

Illuvia's license plate, often considered the ugliest in the FSA
Speed limits by law are as follows for the state of Illuvia:

Downtown district: 20 MPH

Residential area: 30 MPH

Residential Boulevard: 40 MPH

Suburban highway: 50 MPH

Rural Highway: 65 MPH

Rural semi-controlled access: 75 MPH

Controlled Access: 80 MPH


Most residential ares are 25 MPH, and most cities set their downtown speed limits higher to 25 or 30. Most residential boulevards are 30 or 35, some 40.

Most rural highways are 55 or 60, but straight rural ones are often 65.

Separated 4 lane highways are usually lower limits like 60 or 65, but if you get really rural you can find a few highways that are 70 and 75, though often it lowers when the roadway is not straight or passes through a populated place.

Most of the controlled access routes are 65 or 70 when through an area with exits only a few miles apart. However, rural areas are often 75. 80 MPH highways are only found in rural western Illuvia.


Enforcement of speed limits is only really in populated places or main highways. Speed cameras are only allowed on highways if there is a significant crash rate and there is not a way to keep an officer present in the area.

Officers often don't stop you unless you are going about ten over, below that most of them don't care as many drive that fast themselves. Urban cops are often more strict.

Fines for speeding in Illuvia are relatively low unless the speeding is endangering others.


The Illuvia Central Railroad runs trains throughout much of Illuvia. It has freight and limited passenger service.

The Minnonigan Central Railroad has some lines through Illuvia.


Illuvia airports are listed here on the Federal States Airport List. The currently mapped airports are:

Crinxton Regional Airport

Bradlen Regional Airport

Future planned airports are:

Aquilia Area Airport (Spencer/Gleason)


All of Illuvia is covered by school districts. These districts are each pre-K - 12. Most have sports, and those wanting a different education can open-enroll in a different district.


Illuvia has two state run colleges. The Illuvia State University in Spencer, and the University of Illuvia in [city in western Illuvia]. Illuvia also has many private colleges and community colleges.

State Colleges:

Illuvia State University in Spencer

University of Illuvia in [western Illuvia]

Community Colleges:

Crinxton Community College in Crinxton

Private Colleges: