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State of Orange Coast
Orange Coast
FlagState emblem
FlagState Seal
"United Cities and Towns"

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Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalBronson City
Largest citySan Bruno
 • GovernorMax Moreira
 • Vice GovernorSteve Ramos
 • Total14,121km² km2
5,452mi² sq mi
 • Estimate (2024)x
GDP (PPP)2024
 • Total$
 • Per capita$

Orange Coast is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in the Northeast Region at the Ardentic Ocean. It is one of the smallests states in the country.

The largest city of the state is San Bruno while the state's capital city is Bronson City. The state is divided in 3 counties. Each county is divided in cities (county seat) and towns, each one with its own territory, even to rural areas.

Its total area is 5,452mi² (14,121km²), and land area is 4,194mi² (10,863km²).

Usually, population is concentrated in seaside lands.

Nationaly, Orange Coast is also known as "The Northeastern Star", and "The Rivers Land".

State Symbols

Official Orange Coast Symbols

The official coat of arms of Orange Coast a picture of a landscape known as "Orangian Skyline" inside a blue circle, bordered by two orange leafs and a stripe with the name of the state. This badge is used in official stuff, and as base to all county flags in the state, but also is largelly used only the "orangian Skyline".

This "unofficial" picture consists in a blue figure showing, from left to right, four pine trees, five skyscrapers, one boat and two waves, representing the geografical diversity of the state and also, artistically, each county of the state.

The pines represents Elway County with its woods; the skyscrapers, Maravista County with its urban areas; and the waves, Shadwell County with its famous beaches.

The "Orangian Skyline" is used, as example, in the soccer(football) and volleyball team jerseys, and in the gridiron team helmetm uses the Orangian Skyline as logo, but also in official stuff sometimes, like the state car plate.

Culture and general notes

Ethnicities and Languages

orangian is a mixed people. Around 35% of the people is from castellanese origin ("castellanics"). Majority of them lives in San Bruno city and metro area.

Ingerish is spoken by 100% of orangian people as main language, but at least 20% of the people speaks castellanese fluently or at home as second language.


Orangian people usually is very religious. In last census, 80% of orangian people was declared as christic (55% of them are protestantistic and 45% are ortholic), 15% other religions and only 5% as atheists.


The music scene is strong in San Bruno. The city is home to some rock and metal bands, like Black Sedan (hard rock) and Main Sidekicks (alterna-rock), but recently the hip-hop movement is increasing in the city last years.

There are some music clubs, studios and lifestyle stores in The Piers area, to both rhythms.

The famous DJ J-Son "(Jason, or "Son from Jamesville")" keeps a Many-Muny manufacturing area in northwestern San Bruno, producing clothes and other stuff to techno lifestyle.

List of notable orangian citizens

Name Gender Birth Death Profession Known for
J-Son (Jason Stanfield) Male 1990 (Jamesville, OC) not yet DJ several eletro and hip-hop projects
Daedra (Gabra Hudson) Female not yet Rapper
Liona Gemacano Female not yet Soccer Player
Donald Mango Male
Matt Greenfield Male Journalist
Irving Jones Male
Vincent Fulham Male Writer
Philipa Callahan Female
Sandy Arias Female 1940 (La Segunda, OC) 2021 (Stanton, NC) R&B Singer
Jeremy Stamson Male 1970 (San Bruno, OC) Industrial
William Bronson Male Politician
Frank Elway Male Politician/ Land Owner
Damon Siena Jr. Male 1943 (Frankfort, OC) Racing Driver
Rose Huxley Female
Tob Aldrin Male
Lamar Johnson Male
James Morton Male


Orange Coast is located on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean. It is bordered by Opelika to the south and west, AR120-27 to west and by Laine to the north. State is made of coastal plains but the northwestern part of Orange Coast consists of foothills. Along the coast, there are some famous sandy beaches.


Orange Coast climate is tempered somewhat by the fact that no part of the state is distant from the ocean.

Due to its subtropical climate, Orange Coast rarely receives measurable snowfall. However, on rare occasions, a combination of cold moisture and freezing temperatures can result in snowfall in the northernwestern hills.

Because the natural wetlands in coastal areas, several cities and towns keeps canals networks, like San Bruno, La Segunda, Sudbury, Stockton Beach and Warnes.


The Quep River is the natural southwestern state line.

The Marlington River cross the state from north to southeastern, dividing it in two basins.

The Merrimac River is the most important in southwestern Orange Coast, being fed by (TBD rivers).

In northeastern side of Orange Coast, the Sutton and Alateska rivers are the main ones, sharing mouth in Sudbury Lagoon. But still are important to mention TBD River in north San Bruno, and Mariposa River.

State Parks


Gallery of orangian landscape

Administrative divisions

Orange Coast is divided in 27 municipalities (cities or towns), grouped into 3 counties.

4 FSA OrangeCoast.png Administrative divisions 4 FSA OrangeCoast.png
State County City/Town (Population) Mapping/ Link Notes
4 FSA OrangeCoast.png Orange Coast, OC
  • (
4 FSA OC Maravista.png Maravista, OC
  • (
  • The most populous city in the state.
    • Metro town.
    • Metro town.
    • Metro town. Beaches.
  • Small town between San Bruno-OC and Lundres-LN.
  • Rural town. Horse Racing.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
4 FSA OC Shadwell.png Shadwell, OC
  • (
4 FSA OC Elway.png Elway, OC
  • (
  •   25%  
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • [  10%  ]
  • Capital of the state. Seat of the county. State University.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.Industries.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • The cities total population are considering also the sub-districts.
  • Despite keeping their own townhalls, La Segunda, Belmere and Dartford usually are considered as part of San Bruno conurbation
  • All the cities/ county seats got a municipal flag, but rarely a town got a municipal flag.

Main Characteristics

4 FSA OC BronsonCity.png Bronson City

Bronson City and the Marlington River

Initially it would be a planed city.

(adding more information about life style and people when editing this place in near future)

There is a funny rivalry between Bronson City and Jamesville. As Bronson City is smaller than Jamesville, but more important (as it is the state capital), jamesvillians usually consider bronsonians like "the VIP's rednecks". The same way, bronsonians refers to jamesvillians as "the old grumpies from the coast".

Unknown Flag.png Frankfort

Updating this section when starting to edit this place. ;-)

4 FSA OC Jamesville.png Jamesville

A not so small seaside town. Several auto-parts companies are located in and around it. Most of people are christic and conservative, but with no extremism. People love baseball, fishing, and cars. There are some immigrant communities but less than 1% of population. The town is not center or even part of any metropolitan area.

Despite to be the bigger town located in a touristic region, Jamesville is the less glamourized place. There are some few luxury condos and hotels, but the marshes around keeps the town a bit isolated from the other places in the coast. The inhabitants, usually retireds and elder people looking for a calm place to rest, are very reserved, being excited only when talking about motorsports or baseball.

A popular saying in Orange Coastand Eastern FSA is "When I retire, I will buy a boat, learn to play golf, and live in Jamesville".

4 FSA OC SanBruno.png San Bruno

San Bruno Beach at sunshine

Seaside city. A half of the people is black or castellanic, and maybe 25% of the population are immigrants. Tourism (beaches), culture and music are strong here.

Not about violence or gangs, but is visible there are a territorial division to several music tribes in San Bruno. Hip Hop fans usually goes to City Beach nightclubs. The Piers concentrate more metal and hard rock pubs, and who likes country music looks for some fun around The Ferries. (TBD)

As a joke, people from San Bruno ignores people from Lundres-LN ("We are not their metropolitans"), considering Orterrado-LN as their regional rivals. About "state rivalry", they consider the sudburians ("They wish to be us, but they are'nt even in the same county"), not jamesvillians or bronsonians.

Also, San Bruno is known by locals as "The Simple City", or only "The City", because several important places in the city does not have a name, as The Piers, The Ferries, the Riverwalk, etc.


Orange Coast is nationally known by its orange and lemon orchards, being one of the bigest producers in all Federal States.

Also, there are some important auto-parts manufacturers based in the state, specially around Jamesville.

The third most important part of orangian economy is tourism, because its widely known calm water beaches.

List of orangian companies

Name Type Location Notes
DeLand Cars Baldwin World wide company
Venita Cars Yorksey World wide company
Rollinger Tyres Jamesville World wide company
Wellstar Auto Parts Jamesville
XS Electronics Sudbury World wide company
NorTech Auto Parts
GranTown Road Resting Areas x places
AgroLand Agro (orange, lemon, etc)
StateStar Agro (orange, lemon, etc)
Avispa Insurance San Bruno
Stamson Co. La Segunda
Many-Muny Clothes (hip hop lifestyle)

Public Services





Health care



Despite the use of the same livery in all the state, the orangian public transportation is managed by the Transit Authority of each county.

Currently, the Transit Authorities operating in Orange Coast are MCTA - Maravista County (San Bruno) , ECTA - Elway County (Bronson City) and SCTA - Shadwell County (Jamesville) .

These government organizations are able to rule the bus services, taxis, trams, public parking and even license plates registering.

Intercounty services, as some few bus routes (usually operated by private companies), are managed by the Transit Authority of the most populous county in the route.

List of tranportation stuff

Operator Modal Type Ref. Location Capacity Notes
MCTA Trams Depot SB-A1 San Bruno (Downtown)
MCTA Bus/ Taxi Depot SB-A2
MCTA Bus/ Taxi Depot SB-A3
MCTA Public Garage/ Parking SB-P1
MCTA Bus/ Tram Transit Center SB-T1 San Bruno (Downtown) 3 bays city routes
MCTA Bus/ Tram Transit Center SB-T2 San Bruno Beach (Morena Park) 12 bays city routes
MCTA Bus/ Tram Transit Center SB-T3 South San Bruno
ECTA Bus Depot BC-A1
ECTA Bus Transit Center EC-T1 Bronson City (Downtown) 3*+2 bays city/ county/ state/ national routes
ECTA Bus Depot SC-A1
SCTA Bus Depot SC-A1 Jamesville
SCTA Public Garage/ Parking SC-P1 Jamesville (County Seat)
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T1 Jamesville county/ state/ national routes
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T2 Warnes
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T3 Shelbourne
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T4 Sudbury
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T5 Stockton Beach
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T6 Baldwin (Intl.Airp.) 2 bays county/ state routes
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T7 Palmira
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T8 Valcosta 2 bays county/ state routes
SCTA Bus Transit Center SC-T9 Amsden 2 bays county/ state routes


City buses in San Bruno

Buses are the main transportation in the main urban areas (San Bruno, Jamesville, Bronson City) and to their metropolitan towns.

Currently, Cheetah BusesOverpass-turbo.svg operates interstate routes from/to San Bruno, Bronson City and Jamesville, and Redfox TrailwaysOverpass-turbo.svg from/to Jamesville. Both companies keeps routes to Huntington, Stanton and several other cities in Federal States.


The only port in all the state is located in west Jamesville, but it is away to be one of the busiests in the country.

There are plans to a ferry route connecting north San Bruno to Lundres, in Laine state, but nothing is decided yet.


There are several airfields in Orange Coast, but the state is not large enough to keep more than one big airport. Currently there is only the James Moore International Airport serving all Orange Coast state. It is located in Baldwin town, a more central point between Bronson City (the state capital) and San Bruno (the largest city), and not so far from Jamesville.

Apex Air, Federal Airlines, FlySmart, and Union Airways are currently operating flights to Orange Coast.

Currently, JMI is operating only domestic flights but is also open to international ones, not listed yet.

Company To Notes
Federal Airlines, Union Airways Unknown Flag.png Huntington-CD/ Huntington Intl.
Federal Airlines Unknown Flag.png Stanton-NC/ Stanton Intl.
FlySmart Mennowa Flag revised.svg Minneuka-ME
FlySmart Flag of Sierra (front).png Dennison-SA via Mennowa Flag revised.svg Minneuka-ME
FlySmart Unknown Flag.png Jundah-TA/ JSI Airport via Mennowa Flag revised.svg Minneuka-ME
FlySmart Alormen Flag.jpg Andreapolis-AL/ Andreapolis Intl.
FlySmart Unknown Flag.png Wallawaukee-SN/ Foley Fillmore via Mennowa Flag revised.svg Minneuka-ME
Unknown Flag.png St.Jacobs-GL/ St.Jacobs Intl

Also, there are executive airports in San Bruno, Jamesville and Bronson City.


Orange Coast state license plate

As the other transportation are not so usual to orangian people, Orange Coast is nationwide known as one of the states with busiest roads.

Federal Highways

Federal highways are high-capacity roads that are paid for by the federal government but maintained by the Orange CoastDepartment of Roads.

Orange Coast is crossed only by the federal motorway  FS-11 , the East Coast Motorway, with 202mi/ 126km from Opelika state line near Chapman-OC to Laine state line near Rossford-OC.

State Highways

Orange Coast state highway shield
TBD State highway close to Frankfort

State highways are state-owned highways in the state of Orange Coast. The main ones are inter-county, but also there are some few main highways inside a county. These ones are numberer under "★OC-X" series.

Ref Beginning End Length (mi/ km) Name/ Notes
 ★OC-1  Jamesville-OC Corrado-OC mi/ km Inner Coastal Road
 ★OC-1B  San Bruno Beach-OC Warnes-OC mi/ km Coastal Highway
 ★OC-1X1  Jamesville-OC Amsden Beach-OC mi/ km Southern Extension
 ★OC-1X2  Dartford-OC Rossford-OC mi/ km San Bruno Connector
 ★OC-2  Warnes-OC Frankfort-OC mi/ km Western Connector
 ★OC-2X1  Bronson City-OC Baldwin-OC mi/ km
  • The Airport Connector
  • Dumont Memorial Highway
 ★OC-3  La Segunda-OC Frankfort-OC mi/ km Mid State Thruway
 ★OC-3X1  Baldwin-OC Bennett-OC mi/ km Bennet Road
 ★OC-X10  South San Bruno-OC Downtown San Bruno-OC mi/ km Midtown Expressway
 ★OC-X11  La Segunda-OC San Bruno Beach-OC mi/ km San Bruno Beltway
 ★OC-X20  South Bronson City-OC North Bronson City-OC mi/ km Capital Beltway
 ★OC-X  mi/ km '



The GESF (Great Eastern and Stanton Folkstone Railway) currently operates "Crescent Dawn", the only national railway route crossing Orange Coast state.

There are rail stations in Bronson City and San Bruno. Also there a cargo spur to Jamesville port.

The company keeps rail yards in Bronson City and San Bruno.


As part of state government efforts to increase the public transportation in San Bruno Metro Area and coastal towns, there are two tram routes in San Bruno, connected to bus terminals and railways stations, and a metro route between San Bruno downtown and Sudbury.

Still, there are plans to extend the current metro route to Jamesville, covering almost all coastal towns, and, maybe, the creation of a new one between San Bruno downtown and the International Airport.

All of these routes are operated by Orangian Railways Company, based in San Bruno.

Modal Ref Route Length Stops Notes
Metro  ★M-1  ✪San Bruno ➜ Sudbury 10km(?)
Metro  ★M-2  ✪San Bruno ➜ Jamesville
Metro  ★M-3  ✪San Bruno ➜ ✈Intl.Airport planned
Trams  ★T-1  City Beach ➜ Railway Station 9,46km
Trams  ★T-1v2  City Beach ➜ The Ferries [ 7,33km]
Trams  ★T-1v3  Railway Station ➜ The Ferries [ 5,24km]
Trams  ★T-2  West Metro Beltway ➜ Goose Point


Orangian people likes sports very much. Baseball is, by far, the most popular sport, and there are several ball fields in almost all urban parks in the state.

Gridiron is the second most popular sport in all the state. Basketball is following the list, and also soccer/football, usually by castellanic and other immigrant people.

Motorsports and ice hockey are more popular in southern Orange Coast. In a minor role, still there are fans and semi-amateur teams to rugby, cricket and lacrosse in the state participating in semi-pro national or regional leagues.

As orangian people likes sports very much, the initial plan of the state government was to spread franchises/ teams along all the main orangian cities, but actually it didn't work. The basketball franchise and the soccer team started playing in Bronson City but were moved to San Bruno.




San Bruno Kings

San Bruno Kings are a professional baseball franchise, based in San Bruno.

Established in 1957, the Kings compete in the top tier of the national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.

Their stadium is the StateStar Ball Park, to 45.000 fans, located not so far from San Bruno downtown. Naming rights arena to StateStar, an agro business company operating in Orange Coast.

Kings is locally known as Los Reyes by the immigrant people in the state.

Their colours are purple, black and white.

NE Pioneers

North East Pioneers are a semi amateur baseball team, based in Bronson City.

They compete in a regional amateur league since its foundation.

Despite some historical controversies, the Pioneers are mentioned as one of the oldest teams in all the Federal States. Their first match was in 1875, keeping the team active since then. The team is nationwide famous because, even considering its historical importance in the region, they always keep being a non-pro team.

Invited to be one of the founders of the professional league, Pioneers refused it, mentioning their motto: "because we play it only because we like to play it".

As orangian people likes baseball very much, and Pioneers prefered to keep as a non-pro team, San Bruno Kings franchise was created in 1957 to represent the state.

In the other hand, because this act of loving the sport more than loving any money, the team increased its fan base not only in North Eastern region but also in other places of the Federal States and even other countries.

Pioneers plays at the Belden Field in the Bronson City Ball Park, to 2.000 fans, since the team was created. This way, its stadium is also one of the oldest ones in the country.

Still about Bronson City Ball Park, its mainteined by Bronson City townhall and fans donations, as the team also refuse any proposal to naming rights by any company.

Pioneers is locally known as Los Pioneros by the immigrant people in the state.

Their colours are sand and crimson.

Youth State League

As said, baseball is by far the most popular sport in Orange Coast state. There are several ball fields in almost all urban parks in the state, and also an Youth State League with some teams.

Team Colours Ground Notes
City Beach Cosmopolitan San Bruno Beach
Jamesville (TBD)  Blue   Gold  Shadwell County Sports Complex
Amsden Vipers  Crimson   Silver  Amsden Town Park


San Bruno Speedsters

San Bruno Speedsters is a professional gridiron team, based in San Bruno.

Founded in 1957, the Speedsters plays in AGL (Archantan Gridiron League), the top tier of the national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.

Locally known as "Veloces" by the castellanic immigrant people in the state.

Initially the franchise name was "Destroyers", but as it was a reference to the naval base at Lundres, in Laine, local fans from Orange Coast ask the franchise owners to change this name. They got it in a poll during 1962-63 season.

Their colours are garnet, silver and white, but their alterantive kits are white, sky blue and lime green, as the flag of San Bruno city.

The franchise is based in (TBD).

Speedster plays in Venita Field (50.200). Naming rights arena to Venita (car manufacturer).


Orange Coast Force

Orange Coast Force is a male basketball team, playing in the top tier of the national league. Not one of the best ones, but usually in the playoffs.

It was founded in Bronson City, the capital city of the state, away from San Bruno or Jamesville, both so much populous than Bronson City.

Founded in 1985, they played in Bronson City downtown, till 1998. Then, the franchise was moved to Sudbury, closer to San Bruno city and metropolitan area, where the sport is more popular than Bronson City or even Jamesville. In 2010, they moved again. Currently, Orange Coast Force plays in XS Arena (7.500) (Naming rights arena to XS Electronics.), in San Bruno.

Orange Coast Cosmos

Orange Coast Cosmos is a female basketball team, playing the top tier of the Woman National League. It is a very traditional franchise, had winning some national titles.

The franchise was founded in 1995. They play in XS Arena (7.500) (Naming rights arena to XS Electronics].), in San Bruno. Important to mention that Orange Coast Cosmos, the female team, has no initial connection to Orange Coast Force, the male team in the state playing the national league - Force was founded 10 years before in another region of the state.

Orange Coast Cosmos colours officially are purple, white and silver, but in third kit usually the team uses neon green "(cosmic green)".

Its logo is based in the vintage neon font, usually used in front of the most traditional seaside bars and hotels along Orange Coastbeaches.

Ice Hockey

Jamesville Mechas

Jamesville Mechas was a professional ice hockey franchise, based in Jamesville.

The Mechas played in a minor national league, from 1975 to 1980, as a member of the Eastern Division.

Franchise`s name was inspired in the lot of auto parts and mechanic industries in Orange Coaststate.

They played in Wellstar Center (5.000), in Jamesville downtown. Naming rights arena to Wellstar (auto parts).

Currently, there are plans to re-create the franchise to the national league, representing the northeast region, but nothing real yet.

Football/ Soccer

San Bruno FC

Football (soccer) is not the most popular sport to orangian people, but the franchise got so much fans in the immigrants communities (castillanese, brasonians, etc) living in the state.

Despite major of the fans are living in San Bruno area, the Orange Coast Fuel was founded in Jamesville in 1999 and moved to Bronson City in 2010, both cities in southern Orange Coast. Only in 2020, looking for the future expansion in the top level league, the franchise changed its name to San Bruno FC, and moved to Dartford, closer to the immigrant communities in San Bruno metropolitan area.

San Bruno FC plays in (TBD) Stadium, and its colours are lime green and sky blue. Yet, the franchise keeps both male and female squads.

State League



San Bruno Wave

There is one semi-pro volleyball team in Orange Coast. The San Bruno Wave plays in Maravista County Indoor Sports Park and XS Arena (7.500) to national playoffs, sharing ground with the basketball teams.

The first name of the team was "Killerz" ("Matador", to castellanic local people), but as it was colloquially connected to criminal gangs in the city, the name needed to be changed.

They use white, navy blue and lime green as colour's kit.

San Bruno Wave keeps both male and female squads in the national semi-pro league.

Yet, the Orange Coast State University is mentioned as one of the most traditional female teams in the national college league.


Location Notes
Orange Coast International Speedway

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  • Name: Orange CoastInternational Speedway
  • City: Jamesville-OC
  • since: 1957
  • Capacity:
    • 120.000 (grandstands)
    • 50.000 (in-field)
    • 170.000 (total)
  • Length:
    • Loop: 1,38mi/2,23km
    • Road Course: 2mi/3,25km
  • Direction: Counterclockwise
  • Major Events:
    • Orange Coast500
    • Orange Coast24h
  • Notes:
    • A world wide famous place, is one of the most traditionals race courses in the all the FSA history.
    • One of the few ones hosting races in all seasons.
    • Keeps a racing cars museum.
    • (TBD)

Also, there is a "Figure 8 Raceway" in Payne-OC.





There is one amateur rugby team in Frankfort. The Elway County Woodsmen, using black and green as colours kit, plays in Frankfort. (TBD)

La Crosse


Horse Racing

City Name Length Direction Notes
Rossford Maravista Downs
Frankfort Frankfort Racing Course
Bronson City
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